Thursday, January 14, 2010


Kerry showed the kids an email of a golfer who had reached into a pond to retrieve his golf ball and had his entire arm bitten off by an alligator. It almost looked fake - you could see the entire arm in the jaws of the gator, and then when they caught and killed the gator they pulled the arm - completely intact- from the belly of the predator to see if they could reattach it. I don't know what happened to that unfortunate man, and I don't know why Kerry showed our young, impressionable children the pictures, but Becks sure has an opinion on it.
On the way to pre-school today, he told me the whole story as I just told it, only he added his two cents at the end. He said, "That alligator wasn't being very respectful. And that man should have just let the alligator keep his golf ball."
Good Advice, Kiddo.


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So true. Leave the ball alone.

And I loved your last post-it's exactly the thoughts going through my head this week.