Sunday, December 27, 2009


Grandma Darrohn:
Ohh Becks. You are just my little Darlin'!

Becks: (scoldingly)
Grandma. Don't call me 'Darlin'.
Call me Sweetie.
Well...Just call me Beckham.

4 Eyes Plays the Piano!

Eva started piano a couple of years ago and had her recital earlier this month. She did a great job! Her 1st teacher left this year to serve with her husband as a mission president in Thailand, so we found another great teacher for her to keep taking lessons. I think Eva was wishing that we had let her take a break for about 10 years or so, but being the mean parents that we are, we didn't go for that.Her new teacher is Michelle Gibby and she is really good with her. We are also grateful to her teacher for noticing how much Eva was squinting as she looked at the notes and suggested we have her eyes checked. One appointment and $300 later, Eva is sporting new purple glasses. We found out that she is farsighted and these should help a lot with her reading and classwork. She was so excited to get them - she couldn't wait to wear them to school and show her friends!

Grandpa wanted a picture of the two 'Twinners' in their new glasses after the recital.
Kerry just keeps calling her four - eyes. She knows better than to fall for that, so she just rolls her (4) eyes at him and gets back to being a 10 year old tweenie.

Birthday boy

I remember looking out the hospital window as I was bundling up my new little baby boy to come home and seeing nothing but white covered cars, buildings and streets. It was a wintery, white, wet, stormy day and we brought him home to our cozy Christmas-ready home. It was perhaps the only year I was, or ever will, be ready for Christmas by mid-December. Our neighbors, The McBrides brought over a 5 course unannounced dinner, complete with homemade cherry pie. I loved that day and I love my Little Mr. He has been so much fun to have as my right hand man all day while the kids are in school. He loves to talk and direct, learn and ask questions, and get into anything he can. He makes his older siblings laugh and giggle and we can't imagine life without him. Happy Birthday Becks!!
4 Years Old
We spent the day with 2 of his buddies, Ricky and Danny, at McDonalds for lunch and then we took him to pre-school where he was able to have his special day. A special day at pre-school means: Line leader, All about me poster, treats, a birthday crown, and a treat from his teachers. What more could a 4 year old want!
First thing that morning he got to open his present from Auntie - a new Trio building set that has kept him busy ever since. We received the package from Auntie a few days before and it was all we could do to keep him from opening his presents. Every single day he would beg us to let him open his birthday presents. We held out.
Auntie also added a tiny electric train that everybody wanted to play with.
Last year Becks asked for a Thomas cake. The year before, a Thomas cake. This year, he chose to have another Thomas cake. Easy enough! We've got this one down.

Uncle Mikey, Grandma and Grandpa Darrohn, and Aunt Britter all came over for cake and ice cream.

We love you Becks!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is why I love little boys....

Ethan has transferred his love for Legos, trains, Star Wars, and anything "building and fighting" related to his little brother. Becks is just as enthralled in it all as Ethan is and they have their own little world they fall into quite often. I'm always baffled at how they can go from "wishing they never had a little/big brother" to being best buddy co-creators of their own universes.
This particular universe included a combination of all of the different toy sets they have - Legos, abc blocks, trains, Star Wars guys, wooden train tracks, large Duplo blocks, plastic army guys and plastic cowboys and Indians. Enlarge the picture for all of the gory details. Plastic loin cloth covered indians atop Thomas the Train roundhouse shooting out R2D2 and a one of a kind space invader star ship. I was impressed at how they brought all their resources to the table to set up Toy Room World War III. I worry all the time that video games are taking over my boys , so this is comforting to me when I see them playing like little boys should. It seems to be an all out battle for their attention from the electronics.

......After being given the grand tour by Ethan, it was requested that I take a picture of the 'secret hidden lair' they had built. Exclusive photos only seen here!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub Lub Dub

Becks asked me this morning if I could hear his heart. I bent down and listened to his chest and told him excitedly that I could hear it! He was thrilled that I could, and then told me that he has a glowing heart. I asked if he meant a 'growing' heart, but he said, "No. A GLOWing heart. It glows in the dark."
"Yeah. When you turn off all the lights, it glows."
I was pretty impressed with the idea of such a thing, so I asked him where he got his glowing heart. He told me that you can get it at The Brain Store, which apparently is somewhere in Idaho by Grandma Westenskow. He also mentioned that they come in pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

How is that for a last minute gift idea?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feel the love of the season.

This morning I slowly opened my eyes and realized how cozy and comfortable I was lying in my bed. It seemed so late in the day already, but still so quiet outside. I could hear what sounded like the neighborhood snowblowers plowing around outside, and I thought that it was just a perfectly peaceful snowstormy white fluffy covered Saturday morning that had allowed me to get an extra hour of sleep. I love those days!

Until thanks to a text from a friend driving by, I realized I'd been.......

What the What??!!
To my friendly Max Hall loving neighbors: if you will keep plowing my driveway I'll be a Y fan all winter long!! :)

thanks for the love. Go Utes!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will Work For Snacks

Becks likes to help mom out.
This week as it snowed, Becks shoveled the walks..
and finished up by shoveling the grass, too. Best part - he's free! We pay him in meatballs and cheese sticks. Lucky kid!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Presley's Baby Blessing

While we were in Idaho last month, Kerry's sister Brittany blessed her beautiful baby girl. They named her Presley, which I think is adorable.
Eva wants to keep her as her baby sister. She was such a good babysitter!!
Brit, BJ, Colton, and Presley on her blessing day.
Auntie Kirst bought this incredible dress in Italy for Brit's little girl. I think it cost more than my first car :) It was all hand made and I won't do it justice to try and describe it. Exquisite!
Eva was mad at me because she doesn't have a sister. I told her that if she had a new little sister, she would also have a mom in the crazy house - only able to visit me on weekends.
Auntie Kirst and Brittany - lovely sisters -o -mine
A month or so before Halloween Eva asked me if she could go to the store with her friend. She took her own money and I sent her off with a warning to please not spend it all on 'crap', because she needed to save it, too. Usually it is lipgloss or some earrings, but all she came home with that night was a cute little Halloween outfit for her new cousin, Presley. She was so excited to give it to her - sweet tiny black leggings, a cute purple beanie hat and a Trick or Treat Tee. We mailed it up to her and Brittany put her in it for Halloween night.
I wanted to post this, because Eva is really a pretty special little girl. I say that because I admire in every way her ability to be generous and thoughtful. I think she was sent to me for that purpose - to help lead me along in a better direction. She and her Daddy are the same in this regard, and that is one of many reasons why I love them!
Eva, Katie, and Presley on Halloween
Aunt Brittany with her perfect little baby girl
On this same trip, Eva and her cousin Katie were able to go to Jackson Hole, WY for the afternoon with their Auntie and Kunal. Two excited tweenies~!
Going out for burgers in Jackson.