Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dangerous Activity

Conversation with Ethan last week walking out of the U of U stadium after a REAL soccer game:

Ethan: Skydiving is really dangerous, hu mom.

Mom: Well, it can be - you just have to make sure you have all the right equipment and go with people that are professionals. But it can be dangerous if your chute doesn't open or if you went without one!

Ethan: Yeah, (talking super fast) and like it could be dangerous if you had a bad guy dressed up like a good guy and he jumped out of the airplane with you and had a knife and cut your parachute or lit it on fire. That's why it could be dangerous.

Mom: Yep. You're Right! Skydiving IS dangerous if THAT happened!

Puddle, Meet Beckham. Beckham, Meet Puddle.

This is what happens when mom and dad are intently watching Eva's exciting soccer game and Becks finds a puddle.

(click on the pic to see the full details)

I had to throw this picture in just for my hubby's hot legs. I've always had a thing for them.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A is for Apple, B is for ball

So Kerry came home from work the other day and noticed a book sitting on the table that I had picked up for Ethan at the library.

"Piss for Putt??!" exclaimed Kerry as he read the title of the book.

"Hu?" I ask, equally confused at what Kerry was saying.

So he says again, "Piss for Putt? What kind of a book IS this?"

And then it dawns on me as I realize what he is referring to, and through tears of laughter tell him, very slooowly, "Kerry. It's P- is- for- Putt. It's a golf alphabet book for Dooders, not PISS for Putt!"

A is for ameteur, B is for Birdie, C is for Caddie, and D is obviously for DUMB! (not Kerry, but his comment!)

Oh , that gave me a good laugh for the night. Love you baby!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I like to call it.....The Perfect Storm

This past Wednesday I went in for surgery to have my right shoulder scoped - lots of bone scraping, calcium-extracting fun and a lot of unexpected pain coming along with it. I have a whole new respect for people who have to endure major shoulder surgery - mine was MINOR, and I tell you, I feel like an invalid half the time . I am at Kerry's mercy to help me change my clothes, put on my bra, wash my hair, lift anything, move anything. Because it's my right arm I have had some awesome hair and makeup days, too! You'd think I was 90 years old. I am fine if it can lay right there in the sling and I can function throughout the day, but if I have to move my arm for any reason it JUST HURTS! -enough that a couple of times I have found myself in tears and have been living on Lortabs nonstop.
I just need some time (and plenty of pain meds) and I'll be back in commission soon. But for now, I get to wear this lovely navy sling around that makes me feel like I should be standing in front of Judge Judy trying to sue someone for an obscene amount of money or that I should be making an appearance in the commercial saying, "Just one call. That's all!"

Now I'd like to add a couple of details into the mix, so here is where it all comes together - the Perfect Storm. (ha ha - that line reminds me of Pam in The Office. I can't wait for the new season!!) Please see exhibits A, B, and C.

Exhibit A: Why do all of these computer keys seem so out of place , meaning, "Where the blankity blank blank is that little 2 year old of mine that just ripped off all of my laptop keys?!!"

Exhibit B:
Where, oh where, (crying at this point) WHERE is the cntrl alt shift button? Letter M....are you out there? J? U? Q? If I could lift my arm up I would be pulling my hair out - - Please somebody throw this computer out the window for me because......

Exhibit C:
because......I have my good computer throwing arm all tied up in this sling and I'm so doped up on Lortabs that I doubt I could throw straight enough to launch this or any other object out the window!

It is a beautiful sight to see me pecking away as I type this with one good arm on a completely jacked up keyboard. This is what freak shows are made of! Sign me up, baby!!

We are in quite the state here at our house - Kerry has totally taken care of me this weekend and let me sleep and rest and has taken care of the kids like the fantastic father that he is. I absolutely adore him and secretly love it when he is having to take care of me just because he does it so well. Thank you for all the love!! It has actually been a great family weekend being able to have a shower for my future sister in law - Brooke - (love that girl!) and that was a great night and also attending a friend's daughter's baptism and my cousin's baby shower on Saturday. One major thing - my Grandma Fawn was in a car accident Friday night as she was heading up to the shower. She was banged up pretty bad and we are so grateful that she was being watched over and protected and that it wasn't any worse than it was. She is in the hospital and being cared for by good doctors and that is a blessing. Suddenly being in a shoulder sling doesn't seem so bad anymore. We are grateful for the safety and watchful eye over us and our families. You take the good with the bad ....and occasionally even the ugly.(the sling)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eva Beepbop and the chocolate song

Whatcha Eatin? Chocolate

Where'dya getit? From the dog

Where's the dog? Behind the door

What's he doin? Makin' more!

My Little Mr.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ethan is lookin' for ways to make a buck or two for some future lego sets, and he knows that those pearly whites of his are each good for something. He came into my room today and asked me to tie this small wooden baseball bat with thread and then tie the other end of it to his tooth so that he could then stand at the top of the stairs and throw the bat down, which of course would pull out his first loose tooth which would in turn deliver cash to his pillow the following night! I said to him that it might' hurt AND I didn't want the bat to bang up the walls. He thought that he'd just go outside then and that it wouldn't hurt because he is tough. Ok kid.
Well I tried to tie it to his tooth, but it was a bit tricky. I told him to go find his dad and see if he could do it - hoping he would forget about it. So off he went and finally Kerry tied it on (after I heard him asking, "did your mom say this was ok?" ) and I heard them heading outside for the big moment. I just had to see this. I was trying not to laugh because he was just totally set on this idea and he had such resolve. We all walked outside and watched this 6 year old launch this baseball bat into the air -no hesitation at all. The thread slipped right off the tooth so as we were tying it on agian Kerry just sort of yanked it out, and that was that!
Ethan couldn't have been happier or more proud. His sister Eva on the other hand has about 4 or 5 loose, hanging -by- a- thread teeth that have been that way for 2 months and she refuses to let us touch them. She breaks out into loud audible sobs if we even mention "getting a thread". I'm not quite sure what it's gonna take for her - she is fiesty and isn't easily swayed. I'm sure some form of bribery will be required..

Pies Pies Pies!!!

Today was a big day. I made for the first time my mother's famous fresh peach pies that were legendary at my house growing up. It was unchartered territory for me - not just pie making, but the kitchen in general :) The pies have always seemed like the one thing that I would never be able to get just right, just like the way mom does it. Kind of like the good homemade rolls that take years to perfect - I haven't gone there either. The rolls are next.

3 pies were made - - - - - -and they were delish! Not quite as good as my moms, but still pretty darn good. I was so proud of myself that I passed on the delicousness to two of my neighbors- one who is always bringing us treats and has not seen much in return, and the second to our friends who (among a hundred other things) just recently did the plumbing for our kitchen sink. ( It's kind of like in the movie Wedding singer where the old lady pays Adam Sandler for her music lessons in meatballs?! )

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself after this!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Sarah Palin's speech last night at the GOP convention - FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT!! It is long overdue to have someone with her character and straightforwardness and commen sense on the ticket. Plus - she's beautiful and a great speaker and seems to have the cajones to deal with all the men. I was so impressed with her and how she addressed the media's intrusion into her and her family's life. She is one of the few politicians that seems to be doing it for the right reasons and understands how to lead and get away from all the smoke and mirrors. We need more women like her~