Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Holiday and Christmas 2009!
Hope you all did as well!
All dressed up in their Sunday Best
And the boys are all looking quite dapper
Eva Girl looking lovely in her Christmas dress

Eva made this notebook for Beckham so he would have something to open before Christmas. He could barely handle waiting - it's good for him! She wanted him to have his own drawing book and he was so excited. She is thoughtful and loves to make things for people - I love this about her.
Auntie's Gifts Arrive!!!
They can barely contain themselves and we let them open them a few days early to spread out the love a little. It is so much fun to receive packages in the mail from Auntie. Not just for the gifts they bring, but they always arrive put together so nicely - all wrapped up inside a box that contains all sorts of treasures tucked away.

She also gave us some boxes of our favorite Fralingers treats from back in Atlantic City, NJ. Love this stuff - she totally got us hooked.
Jammies left by the sneeky little elves.
Kerry's patience finally ran out and he told Eva as she ran in and threw her coat on the couch that he was charging her $1 if she wanted it back since she didn't hang it up.
(This was about the umpteenth time we've asked her to.)
Tears broke out she was all the sudden a very sad little girl on a magical night. I wasn't very happy that he chose that moment to do it for the very reason that all of her pics from Christmas Eve would be her with big red eyes. But I have to say, it worked. I don't think it has happened since. I guess it will always be memorable!

New Ornaments on Christmas Eve.
This year I found some really cool glass blown sea creatures to remind us of our Aruba trip: a great big puffer fish, a lacy octupus, and a gecko for Becks. Ethan got a glass baseball because that is what he wants to start playing in the Spring.
Earlier that night we met my family for our traditional dinner at Sssssizzzler and then a movie. The sacrifice of the year: my entire family sat through Alvin and the Chipmunks..since it was about the only show out that worked with our kids. Oh boy that was painful.
The rest of the night, however, was very fun as we spent time at my parents eating and playing games. The biggest news of the night came when Jonny and Brooke announced that they were having a baby!!
Kiddos with their puppy - excited and ready for Santa.
Christmas morning!
We followed up with a Christmas Brunch at our house with my family. We have the famous Armstrong Mansion baked french toast along with bacon and juice and a big fruit salad that everyone adds to. Always yummy and easy.
This year we had Jonny and Brooke, Grandma and Grandpa Darrohn, Steve and Devyn, and Britter. Naps followed and lots of movies and toys and relaxing that day.
Later we decided to go out for dinner with our kids and Uncle Mike. The ONLY places open - at all - were Chinese restaurants. It was hilarious. We ate at a Chinese restaurant and had our very own Christmas Story moment. Classic!


Brooke and Jonny said...

How fun! yeah I was out like a light after that yummy breakfast, what can I say my stomach was full it's the best time to nap!
BTW I LOVE that picture of Beckham at the top, seriously that pose, classic and very GQ

KC said...

Looks like you guys had fun....we really should plan a "family reunion" of some sorts...now that the holidays are over. I would love to get together and see everybody. I made Grandma's Orange Bubbleloaf Bread the other day...MEMORIES!