Monday, July 27, 2009

Eva's Creations

Eva surprised us by making a new dessert that she came up with. I have to say it was delish!! She wouldn't let me come in the kitchen while she was doing it, so I took a short little nap.She took our overflowing bags of apricots, washed and halved them, put whip cream on each half and topped it with raspberries that she had just picked from the garden. The best part was that she put them in the freezer and they were really good! She gets ideas in her head and likes to get them done. I wish I was more like that.
Here is her cookie business that she and 2 other friends pulled together a few weeks ago. They made different types of cookies and crystal light and pulled all of it around in a wagon, door to door, selling them to our very supportive neighbors. She made sure to tell them that they forgot to put butter in the oatmeal ones.


This morning I took all 3 kids over to my neighbor's house for a day camp they are doing this week. Becks had been clingy and didn't want me to leave, but his little buddy Danny came over and that ended that. He finally was ok with me leaving and as I was walking away he yelled, "Mom. Be brave!" "Drive Carefully"

OK kiddo.
This little guy makes me feel so loved -

Last weekend at a cabin in Bear Lake my sister Annie told him not to go by a 2nd story deck railing because it was loose and she didn't want him to fall through. She told me, "Becks thinks you are a superhero! He told me he could go by the deck because if he fell, his mom would just save him."
(apparently I can fly, too.)

How long do you think this will last? I'm hoping he stays this sweet for a while. I'm glad he sees me this way and not as the evil dictator that Ethan does because I make him do his jobs during "what is supposed to be his summer break!" Or in Ethan's other words, "This is the lamest summer EVER!"
ohhhh..... I remember the days Ethan thought I was a superhero....

Ethan said to me before he jumped into the water last week, "You know mom. Some people are allergic to water. And if you're allergic to water you better just learn to deal with it because your body is 80% water."

So there you go.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Something New This Year:  I got up early to run the Kaysville 10k with my friend Emilee.  I loved starting the day that way!    It was a fun way to start the big 4th, and I am going to plan on doing it again next year.

Now for the Traditions:  
Kaysville Parade = better this year than previous.  There were actually floats in it and it ended up being quite a lucrative event.  Kerry came out of there with 2 ties, Becks got a WallE DVD, stuffed animals, a webkin for Ethan, and "Whiskers" the stuffed mouse for Eva.  Oh and all the mardi gras beads you could handle!  We went with Grandma and Grandpa Darrohn, Uncle Steve and Devyn, and Brooke and Jonny.  Brooke's grandma has a house just across from Davis, so we had excellent spots - thanks you guys~
My cooperative 3 year old and the rest of us!
Getting ready for what they came for:  Taffy.  Mom already has dibs on their chocolate and black licorice ones.  That's just the rules.

Beckham and Daddy.

Grandpa Randy - biggest kid out there.   He has been known to throw an elbow or two trying to get his grandkids the most candy.  They have learned (or inherited genetically) all of his mischievous tricks of the trade.

Uncle Tebbers and sweet, cute, stubborn, cousin Devyn.  I am going to start calling him Tebbers again because he was the one that nicknamed me Ralph years ago due to my short *short* haircut. 

Slug Bug What Color!  Pink Pink Pink...MOM - that is the slug bug I want when I am older!!  by Eva.

The still newlyweds Brooke and Jonny....Ahhhhhh....Lovely.  Did I mention that we love them?

Grandma and Grandma Darrohn - they started this whole thing!
La Resistance a la smoochie smoochie!

Please take note:  While Grandpa Randy was having a quick little snooze, the parade was in full swing and an ambulance and fire truck had just driven by with their sirens blaring.  

After the parade it is a picnic at my parents neighborhood park and swimming in the pool.  It is fun to go back to the place you grew up - seeing a lot of families that you've known for so many years and to see your own friends as "moms and dads".   There was a great clown there that made some amazing balloon aliens/hats/monkeys holding bananas, etc.  All Becks and Ethan wanted was a sword.  They got their swords and popped them immediately.

We have gone to the Layton Fireworks for the last 4 or 5 years.  I am all for my alma mater at Davis, but I have to say that Layton's are pretty incredible.  Seriously - best finale ever.  There are also some interesting people watching opportunities  while you are waiting at the park for dusk to come!  Sparklers and kids = fiery fun!
The end of another fun 4th.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Influential parenting...

So last night at a neighborhood BBQ I found out just how much Becks was paying attention.  A few weeks ago when I was out of town, Kerry had to speak in our ward and our friends, the McBrides, offered to sit with the kids during sacrament.  As we were talking yesterday, my friend told me that while they were sitting in sacrament, her son was showing Beckham pictures in his Book of Mormon.  They came to one that had a big green grassy hill and field. (Hill Cumorah)  My friend's son asked him if he knew what that was....  

Becks' reply was, "Yes.  That's a golf course!"

Somebody in our household, I'm not going to name names, has brainwashed this poor child already.