Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ogden is calling me...

Growing up in Davis County gives you options to enjoy going about equal distances north or south to find a unique, quaint little place to eat. Up until a few years ago I would always lean to go south. Call me a snob, but Ogden just didn't have the pull for me. Well I'm here to say that I was all wrong. Ogden really has a lot to offer and I think it has become my favorite place to eat out. Here are a few of my favorites up that way and in different parts of Weber County:

Carlos Produce on 31st and Washington
This is my favorite and most recent find that I stumbled across after driving home from skiing a few weeks ago. I stopped at this little produce store that looked like a farmers market still operating in the middle of the winter. Not only was the produce big and beautiful and fresh, they had all things any true mexican food afficionado could want. All of the great spices, fresh herbs, drinks, tortillas, hot peppers, big dates, tamales. I was in my mecca. I bought a bunch of stuff to make for dinner that night. That is a good way to spend a Saturday in January: skiing and a great little market and homemade mexican food. I found out that Sacco's Produce in Clearfield is a sister of the owner of Carlos and it is pretty similar. My friend Kristin has been telling me about Sacco's for years, and now I know why.

Tony's Pizza
My dad took us as kids to this 50's pizza parlor that he used to take my mom to when they were dating - it's been around THAT long! Your typical little hole in the wall-turned fabulous eats-inside on 39th street, down near the Ogden Country Club. I remember we loved it because they served all of the sodas in the smaller glass bottles just like back in the day. The pizza is fantastic - my favorite being the green olives and mushrooms. Salads are great as well. Once I convinced Kerry to make the drive for pizza with the kids, he was sold.

A temple night out with friends landed us here. Our friend Jonathan took his doctor clients here all the time and had talked it up for awhile, but we always voted it out "to do next time" - it is a little pricey. But let me tell you: EXCELLENT sushi with the owner being the real deal straight from San Francisco. Very very good. We ordered off the menu per J's recommendation. The mochi ice cream is also fantastic. Yum. A good splurge. On historic 25th street.
Heading up towards Morgan you pass a little tiny town called Taggert. Just off the Taggert exit and under the overpass is a hidden little gem called Taggert's Grill. This may seem a little far, only until you've been there and tried the food. Then the drive is seen as a pleasure. It is great in the fall with the leaves changing and the restaurant is tucked up next to the river and the mountains which is really a beautiful little spot. The blue corn enchiladas are my standing order and their bakery window is complete temptation with all of the giant cookies and desserts anyone could ever ask for. One time my sister Annie and I decided to ditch skiing because it was too windy, left the resort, and headed over to Taggarts for lunch. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

A brewery pub in a great location on historic 25th street. Great food - a little bit of everything. Awesome salads, hummus, ginormous onion rings. mmm... A little slow on the service. Don't go if you have an impatient husband...

Union Grill
Downtown Ogden. Another favorite by the train depot. French onion soup is delish.

Sandy's Fine Diner
This is a favorite of another friend of ours that we were introduced to on a temple night. This is your good old fashioned family diner on Washington Ave. They are famous for their pies and the meatloaf rocks.

Utah noodle
Again, one of my parent's favorite places to go for Chinese food from years and years ago.

The Oaks
Heading up or down Ogden canyon you can stop at this place for a great burger, salad, chicken. We usually like to go in the warmer months when you can sit outside next to the river on the tiered patios.

The Sonora Grill
Brand new and a little bit pricier, but the tortilla chips and salsa alone are divine. Right across from the new Solomon Center, so it's a great spot to go before catching a flick.

The Spring Chicken Inn
This is at the bottom of Trappers loop when you drop into Huntsville. Actually, it has been a long time since I've eaten here, and it may have moved. But it was this great little white farmhouse set back off of the road where I tried escargot for the first time in high school. I need to find out if it is still there....

Well that is a quick food editorial from a complete amateur that just loves good food. The weekend is here, so a great opportunity to head up north.
Bon Appetit!


Jill said...

Have eaten at Taggarts and Spring Chicken Inn....need to try Tona's! Call us when you are up to going there again! We always try to hit Taggarts on the way home from boating. Family favorite!

Brooke said...

Look at you! You can be my personal! Seriously, good info. Some of the places were familiar but others I now need to try. And the produce place sounds fantastic.