Sunday, January 1, 2012

Miss Eva

Eva just went and got herself a new set of acrylic nails for her little 6th grade fingers. She pays for them with her own money and TOTALLY thinks they are worth it. I thought she got it out of her system before, but not so! She cracks me up and amazes me at the same time. We think so differently, but I love her independence. She also has the most generous heart and I will learn so much from her. This December when the Christmas tree was finally put up, she walked upstairs that very hour and put out 4 wrapped and ready to go gift bags underneath for each person in the family. She had been to the store with a friend a week or two before and had spent her babysitting money on gifts for each of us. I never would have done that as a kid. She's always been good about that kind of stuff and I'm so grateful for her.

One funny thing she said to her Sunday school teacher was that her parents were trying to not eat sugar and were buying all of them "wheat candy" for Christmas! Just for the wheat treats were purchased and force fed to the kiddos. Not yet anyway....wahahahah


"Mom, the Tower of Babel was a total waste of wood and nails"


While sleeping over at his cousin's house in the basement he woke up the next day and told my brother in law, "Last night all the blankets came off of me and we were sooo cold, we almost had to cuddle!"

The Nurturer

"Ok, Mom. I love you. Come home in 1 piece."

Beckham's goodbye hug and words to me as I left to visit a neighbor 3 houses away.