Saturday, January 30, 2010

40 and Fab!
My friend Kristin, who has also been the voice of reason in my head ever since we moved here, just turned 40!! Happy Birthday Sister! The girls took her out for the day Wednesday. Not that she didn't have other options..but we wanted to sort of dominate her day. :) Lori and Tricia started early am by putting up a friendly neighborhood announcement on her garage, in the form of a large poster, that said: ......And the princess gracefully turns 40! So fitting. Earlier that morning at the gym, Jewelia's husband - not a slight man (picture ex-BYU football player) climbed atop the locker ledge at the gym and made the announcement that his friend was turning 4o today and lead them all in Happy Birthday. That morning we took her to Sanctuary Day Spa at the Gateway for lovely lovely pedi's and then had a fabulous lunch at The Dodo. Ron paid for our lunch....since he was out of town....Very nice.

Angie - We missed you!!! Wish you could have flown out from Virginia....:)) Susan, you too! And time :)

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