Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag - You're IT

I’ve been tagged.

My sister in Law Tansy tagged me (awhile ago..I'm slow) so here it is:

Four Jobs I've had:
corporate promotions sales
Delta Gate/Ticketing agent and free flight moocher
sales for Art gallery at Trolley Square
US Post office data entry to get me through college (never had the chance to go postal.... yet)

Four Movies I've watched more then once:
The Saint
Transformers ?? this surprises me as I am writing it down, too
Monty Python
Dan in Real Life

Four Places I Have Lived:
Avenues in SL C in a tiny, I mean tiny little apartment with my honey
Spain...Ok, only for a couple of months, but it still counts
Sugarhouse....Just up the street from the meth lab homes you always see on the news

Four TV Shows I watch:
hmm....not a big tv watcher. but I like:
The Office
Divine Design
Go Diego Go
Go Diego Go...again and again

Four Places I've been:
Costa Rica

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
@!!*% PotteryBarn, Gymboree, Amazon, Boden, Old Navy, Snapfish,Williams Sonoma......I hate getting all of these emails!!! I need to get off of the lists... Still love the stores, though!

Four of My Favorite Foods:
mole on anything from Red Iguana
Dark Dark Chocolate and Almonds
Almost all vegetables - especially artichokes and asparagus
char shu - from Mandarin

Four Places [regions ] I'd Like to Visit:
my basement
Africa - visit Kerry's misison sometime in JoBerg

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year:
finishing my kids rooms so that I can actually tell them to clean them up and have it look clean

Disneyland trip to visit my Sister and her kids in October
ski season
the stock market crash.....JK

Four People I Tag:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eva's Ballet Recital

This was Eva's 3rd year at Clytie Adams school of ballet. Her recital was held at the Browning Performing Arts building at Weber State University, and as expected, it was impeccable. Clytie's program has been around for 50 years and it is a professionally done show with a live orchestra that plays all of the classical music for the recital. Clytie has said that in 20 years they will tell people they danced to a live orchestra and nobody will believe them! She's right - it is probably one of the few programs that still uses live musicians to play for the dancers. Really a treat for the girls and the audience.

All of the dancers stay in a different auditorium while they wait for their chapperones to take them just before they go on to perform. Each year there is a magician who comes to keep all the girls (and the few boys) entertained for the entire length of the recital. They get to watch the other dancers during rehearsal, but that's it! There are no pictures/videos/children under 5/etc. allowed into the recital. This is serious business and believe me, you DO NOT want to break any of these rules. Clytie runs a very tight ship!

Eva did a beautiful job - we were so proud of her and it was so rewarding to see her dance. She has learned so much and has been able to get a good start on technique that I think will help her with a lot of things she may decide to do. She told me she gets a little nervous, but when she is on stage she seems so confident and I love to watch her. Her Grandma and Grandpa Darrohn came to see her and she loves having them there to see her perform. It was a great night for her and she seemed to really enjoy it. We love you Eva!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nature Conservatory or Bust!

Today I took the kids to swim lessons and then headed out for our Tuesday neighborhood activity. We took the kiddos to the Nature Conservatory off of Gentile - not much to see initially, but it was fun walking the boardwalk trail and climbing up into the tall birdhouse tower to eat lunch. My kids were up late last night and were whiny and I sort of wanted to throw them off the boardwalk trail at times, but it ended up being fun once they got that out of their system. At one point, I was dealing with Eva who had a nosebleed and at the same time with Ethan who was trying to get himself to throw up so that I would believe him when he said that his stomach hurt . (He hadn't wanted to go when we were at home because he had made plans for his toy motorcycle races with a buddy, and he had told me the original "get out of anything excuse" that his stomach hurt. So I didn't believe him and he wanted to prove me wrong, which didn't work either.) I didn't even take any pictures, because frankly I wasn't up to making them appear like they were having fun and to look happy, dagnabit! They did end up enjoying it though, and we had a nice little walk with their friends and they were able to climb up the towers and had a great time. It was sunny and HOT. All the kids had red faces so we headed out to get our first of the summer Rainbow Snows and found some shade where the mom's could talk and the kids could run a-muck. (not sure how to spell that, but I know it's a real word)

We are taking a friend visiting from Honduras out to dinner tonight and then it's early to bed for my kiddos - Summer has made us get off schedule and it seems to keep getting later and later each night, and mom seems to be getting meaner and meaner each day! My kids have told me repeatedly this last week that I am the meanest mom and I have told them repeatedly that I don't care! Oh, the love! Summer is definitely here! I am optimistic however that we can turn this ship around. Let's see. Tomorrow we've got Eva's ballet rehearsals at the Mckay Dee Center with a not wanting to hold still 2 year old and a very strict no kids can make any noise teacher. This looks to be another keeper! Stay tuned...
I promise to lose the sarcasm and have a better attitude.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jumpropin' disco singin' fool!

Alrighty! I'm back from an awesome trip to Honduras, but right now I am too tired to write about it...maybe tomorrow. BUT...I thought I would just post this cute video of Becks that I had on my digital camera while I was away. Everytime I would watch it I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Kerry and I wanted to post it to the blog so that anytime we needed a good mocking of our 2 year old, we could see it. These skills are going to take him far in this big world.

Here is Becks learning how to jumprope - with a little dancing at the beginning. He gets all of his coordination from Kerry.

The second clip is of him singing his favorite disco song from a CD his Auntie had made up for him, UPSIDE DOWN...I don't even know who sings it, but he requests it to be played everyday in the car and tries to sing the words. He climbed up on the counter and put it in the cd player, pressed play and sang to his hearts content:)

A few years down the road and these are going to come in handy when he's lookin' for the ladies.