Friday, October 31, 2008


Legoland was like our own little Wallyworld.  I have to admit I felt a lot like the Griswald family trekking across the country to visit a child's mecca.  Very cool place, though, with lots of fun rides and play areas.  The life-size lego replicas of Darth Vader, presidents of the US, Thomas the Train, Indiana Jones, and even a full size Volvo SUV were really small little wonders within themselves.  I wonder what type of a person works as a life-size lego creator?

The US Capital and the entire DC area were built with bajillions of legos.  The lego world area was pretty amazing - they had NY, Las Vegas, DC,  and  many others.  All with unbelievable details.  I think this would be Dooder's dream job.
We had a great day here - but I couldn't figure out why Ethan kept wanting to go home early.  I finally figured it out when I remembered that I had promised him we would get a small Lego set in the gift shop "when we were leaving" so we didn't have to carry it around with us.  So in his mind, the sooner we left, the sooner he would have that delicious new set in his little hands.
  When we got back from the trip, he drew a picture at school of his favorite part of Legoland- it was a picture of him in the gift shop buying his new lego set.  Not the rides or rollercoasters, not the giant playground, not even the enormouse lego cities built entirely from legos.  Just the gift shop and his Star Wars Droid lego set.   I swear, I don't know what to do with this kid! Eva and Becks had a lot of fun on the rides and in all the different "lands",  and Eva loved the little Volvo driving school.  It was definitely a cool place to visit~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today and Tonight

This post is a little out of order, but here is what happened tonight:
While in the middle of his deep slumber, Ethan yelled out: "Hey, MOM!  NO!! (whining) NOooooo. (and then....) BOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!. "  He booed me.  Not like "boo" scary, but "booooo" get off the stage before I throw a tomato at you boo.  Who gets boo'ed by their sons?  I hope I'm not the only one.  It did make me laugh out loud, which startled and woke up Kerry. 

 Which then made me think of what funny kids they can be sometimes, which made me think of earlier today:
It was Hat day at school today.  Eva wore a cute pink hat, and Ethan wore this:

Family Vacation - Off to Vegas

We had a grand time on our family trip and it's about time I posted it, dagnabit!   We left for Vegas on a Friday night right after Eva's soccer game.  The trip started out great because we were still on a high from watching Eva score what I have to say, was an AWESOME goal - it was the goal of the season.  And yes, I'm biased, but it really was so cool.  A powerful kick from outside the goalie box into the very corner of the goal.  We have loved watching her improve this year - we didn't realize how much fun it would be.   
We stayed with Auntie Kirsten in Vegas and really enjoyed being able to spend some time with her and Kunal.  We love staying at Aunties - she always has interesting things she finds and brings home from all of her travels,  good food that she gets me hooked on, and basically takes care of us and makes us feel totally comfortable.  
We took the kids to FAO Schwarz down at Ceasers Palace and let them wander through the store playing with all the toys, the big piano, the dolls, legos, etc.  I was surprised that we didn't leave with any tears or tantrums.  

The "big" piano was a hit - it kept them busy for awhile.  At one point Becks and Ethan were running from one end and sliding on their stomachs down the slide.  Did I mention how well behaved our children were?

Becks has fallen in love with cats and dogs.  He found these little puppies, took them off the shelves and lined them up on the floor, and carried the one around until we left.
Eva and her Auntie.  
Eva only wanted a baby doll from the 'adoption nursery' and so that was her birthday/Christmas gift from Auntie.  It came with the adoption certificate and Eva named her Ashley.  I was surprised she still wanted a doll - but I was happy to see that she hasn't outgrown them yet.  She's my only girl and is almost into that 'tween' stage.  I'm hoping I can hang on to this for  awhile.
Kirsten and Kunal treated us to dinner that night at CPK and Ethan talked Kunal's ear off about the video games and wii stuff at their home.  We really appreciated being able to stay there for a couple of days - we just don't get to see them enough.  
Next it was off to Cali........

Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting back to reality.....

Just getting back from California and Vegas and Ethan has to go to school today - but not without a fight.  He told me he didn't feel well as I woke him up this morning.  I asked him what it was and he said he thinks he's car sick.  He was also very concerned about not getting his teacher or classmates car sick which is another reason why he should stay home.
Get out of bed, Dooders!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Are we there yet?

NOT  looking forward to:
If you guys don't knock it off, I'm going to turn this car around - Right Now!
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?  Hey Mom, are we there yet? Are we almost there? 
I need to go to the bathroom.  I need to go to the bathroom. 
Puleeaaase mom - can I have this? Puleeaasse....why not? why not? why not?

DEFINITELY Looking forward to:
Seeing Auntie in Vegas. Seeing Auntie's new house in Vegas.  Staying with my sister(s) and her family. Seeing a marvelling 2 year old when he steps through the gates to Disneyland -the happiest place on earth and probably the most expensive food on earth, too.  Shopping. Beaches. Nice weather. Seeing Ethan's face when he visits his mecca, Legoland.  Hanging out with  Eva and my niece Mylee doing some girly stuff. And..... getting out of this cold weather!!

We're hittin' the open road today and  WE   ARE   OUTA   HERE! :)   Our first big road trip since our benefits ran out from the airlines, and now we have to do it the real way.  I have a memory from my childhood - looking at the back of the front seat ahead of me, squeezed next to my brother and sister and coloring in the car on our way to California.  It seemed like it took 20 YEARS to get there!!!  And that was with No DVD's!!  We actually had to have converstions, or  color, or read, or play adlibs, play ISpy, fight with siblings, sleep, laugh, tell knock knock jokes, drive our parents crazy with a bajillion questions.  IT WAS AWESOME!! I don't want to deprive my kids of those types of memories!!!

I'm still taking the DVD's, though.  - -I'm not crazy!  See ya!

Monday, October 6, 2008

If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.

As I was coming back from helping at the kids' school today, I stopped by my friends house who was watching Becks for me.  The door was opened by her 2 year old son and as I looked in I could see that her and her sisters and brother- in- law were kneeling in prayer in the living room.  She asked me to come in and pray with them -although I felt awkward for interrupting them,  I am so grateful for her invitation.  Her brother- in-law, I strongly believe, has been falsely accused of a crime and is in the battle for his life.   I had heard many of the details of his situation from my friend over the last few weeks, and before ever meeting him had felt like this was a terrible injustice that was taking place.  His family, career, and reputation are being clouded by a false accusation. The  prosecutors have portrayed such a grossly inaccurate story that it has made me more aware of how misleading and unfair it can be when the media is only presenting the information they have or only one side of the story.
  I was invited to pray with them, and I had such an incredible experience.  As my friend's brother-in-law began to pray, I immediately began to weep - the spirit that I felt from him was so strong, so humble and GOOD.  Without ever meeting him before, I could feel of his devotion to his Savior, his pleading for God to rescue him and his family, his absolute faith and of his tender character and intelligent mind.  He prayed for the hearts of his accusors to be softened and for protection.  He is a good man, and I am going to keep praying for him and his family.  

I guess lately with all the uncertainties around us with the economy, politics, etc.  I feel like what I used to fear, has now been replaced with letting go of that fear and only trusting in God and Christ and in our prophet and apostles.  As prophesied, they have become the only constant. I was very anxious at the thought of scarcity, money losses, uncertainty, politicians that scare the bejeebees out of me and wondering what is going to become of it all.  But I have to say that I feel like we have prepared the best we can - and daily the scripture that keeps coming to my mind is, " if thou art prepared, thou shalt not fear."  
  As a family, we have been preparing ourselves financially and trying to obey the prophet.I give much of the credit to my husband for never feeling 'invincible' and always wanting to do as much preparation as possible.   Although it is not perfect, we have tried to live below our means, stay far away from any debt, pay cash for all big expenses, and save and invest.  I feel like we are in a safe place because we have tried to be obedient in this.  As scary as the economy is right now, I feel comfort from that same scripture, " if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."  
There are definitely some areas that we are not as prepared in -and we are quickly trying to better those situations.  We have been pretty good with food storage, but need to fill in a lot of holes.  We have been lousy with 72 hour kits - and my worst fear is that we will have an earthquake and as I'm running out of my house I will see the "to do" item on my list for the last year of getting our 72 hour kits together.   But I only fear this because we have not adequately prepared.  
It was no surprise that in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, our LDS General Conference did not come with any panic stricken talks - Get your food storage!! Hurry and get out of debt!!  Save for a rainy day, right now!!  They've told us for years and years.  We needed only to be obedient.
I did seem to catch a theme this year of Unity in General Conference.  Pulling together to find common ground with people in our lives.  In the midst of world chaos and hateful politics, I feel a sense of peace in banding together and holding on for the bumpy ride ahead of us.  In some ways, there is even a sense of excitement to it all.  Knowing that money and worldly possessions aren't going to be the most sought after or envied items.  Peace and security will be. 
I am going to recommit myself to trying to follow the prophet and the apostles when all is calm and there seems no real urgency to have to prepare, but only to do it because we have been asked to.   I believe that we will be blessed solely for being obedient and sacrificing.    It is not too late, but it is a lot more work to try and pull it all together at the last minute to try and get to that safe point.  The best is to be slow and steady in following the commandments, and we will find that we will be prepared.

My friends brother-in-law has lived a life of obedience and goodness and is spiritually prepared.  I truly believe that he is going to be taken care of and that God will be with him because of his diligence and faith.  He put in his preparation and now he has to pray and hope and fear not.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Buddy

In the last 24 hours, Becks (among many other things(  has ripped off all of the leaves from one of my houseplants, sprayed Ethan with the hose mercilessly, torn dvds and their inserts from their cover and tossed them to the floor, brought in 25 books and begged me to read them ALL. and flooded my bathroom with the jetted tub jets spraying into the air.

So it's always nice to have days like this:

My neighbor stopped by yesterday to pick something up.  As he was leaving he told me that Nancy, (his wife and our ward nursery leader) said Becks was all out of sorts on Sunday - crying, wanting his mom, etc. ( he was a very tired boy that day)  He said that she's told him before that she was very impressed with how good Beckham is with the other kids- always going over to the kids who are crying, putting a hand on their back and asking them if they want a toy or their mommy or if they are ok.   My neighbor's exact words at the end were, 'Yes.  She said he is a little gentleman."
Oh, Yea!  A good mommy moment!  It's so nice to hear comments from people who have interaction with your kids and that are positive!  I told him that I appreciated him passing that along to me.  It confirmed to me what I have thought all along.  That even though he is by far my most destructive hyper child that can throw out an explitive and a major temper when he needs to, he is also very blessed with the gift of affection and nurturing.  He has pretend pets he takes care of, puts baby dolls in beds and tells me to be quiet and kisses them to sleep.  He has friends that he talks to like an adult would talk to a child - asking in high pitched voices if they want to play or come and see his trains.  He wants to hug all of his friends even those who are pushing him away.  I noticed this when he was an infant - he needed me to be close to him ALWAYS.  He would sleep for an entire night if I held him in the crook of my arm  - and because I was desparate for sleep, it happened a lot.  
As we were having lunch today, I sat down next to my little 2 year old on a barstool.  He told me to, "scoot over, mom - closer - scoot over - closer" until he was finally satisfied when we were sitting on the same barstool.  Delighted, he picked up his sandwich with his left hand, took a big monster bite, and then wrapped his right arm around my shoulders.  He looked at me as asked with a mouth full of  peanut butter, "Mom? Are you my best friend?"  
"Yes, we are best friends" 
 and then, "Are we buddies?" 
 "Yes we are buddies, Becks.  I love you so much!!"  I say almost squeezing his lunch back out of him.
"I love you too, mom."

 Oh, he destroys my house, but he melts my heart.