Thursday, January 7, 2010

Convos with Becks and Eva

Beckham stood on the chair behind me as I was working on the computer. He wrapped his arms around my neck and started to tell me what my new name was going to be. "Mom. Today your name is going to be Fluffy. Tomorrow it will be Good. The next day it will be Starlight, and the next day it will be Word World. And your name on the very last day will be George."

Over the break instead of Eva saying, "Oh yeah, I went there!" (with attitude) she said to her father, "Oh yeah. I'm good at went'en there!" Kerry totally called her on that and she quickly reworded her sentence.

Becks was sitting at the counter crying because Kerry told him to finish all of his cereal. Kerry looked at him and said, "Becks, we do NOT cry over cereal!" to which Becks, who knew he was in trouble, answered, "I'm not crying over my cereal. I'm crying over my friends."

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The Stones said...

Poor Becks! 4 years old and already having friend problems? I guess with Kerry as his father it's bound to happen. :) Just kidding! Love that boy.