Thursday, July 31, 2008

Seriously So Funny -

Ok Em - this is good stuff!
This is for all bloggers out there AND all of my majority non blogging buddies that just make fun of us.....As if blogging doesn't already take enough time...this one is my all time favorite. A spoof on mormon mom blogs - including all of the dumb little widgets we put on our blogs, stories we tell, being preggars. I haven't stopped laughing all morning since my friend sent this to me-

Check out this article and then read the blog mentioned ( Great reading fun!


$96.84 at the pump yesterday to fill the mom mobile. Ouch!
Just had to document history here.

Visit with Annie

Our family went down to visit my little sister Annie on Sunday - I have missed her so much! I am so proud of her and what she is working towards - it has been a long time since we have been able to see each other and I have missed talking with her and seeing her more often. Here are a couple of pictures of her with Chuck - who we have officially adopted into our family. We are so grateful to him for all of his care and love - what a cool guy! We love you Annie!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Day

I'm curious if anyone else does this, but I always feel like I am trying to replicate the same excitement that I felt on holidays that I felt when I was a little kid, and as an adult it never seems to be the same. I always want to go to the same fairs, parades, you name it, so that it feels like it did when I was 10 or 11. But it's different when you are the parent -instead of just showing up for all of the fun, you are putting on the fun and trying to pull it all together for the kids. As kids, we are oblivious to this, and that's ok, because hey, we're kids! And as adults, it's fun too, but in a different way. I love watching my kids experience new things or to just be so excited for something!
This Pioneer Day was fun and I think that the kids will remember it as I remembered mine growing up. No worries, time with friends, out late, swimming, outdoor movie with neighbors, BBQ - all chalk up to a great day. We had a full day and did some new things- During the day we went up to Fort Buenaventura in Ogden - I've driven by the signs a hundred times and never knew it was there, but it was a great activity for pioneer day. It is next to the Weber River with trails, tee-pees and a small lake for canoeing. They had a festival that day with lots of demonstrations for the kids - how to shear sheep, make a candle, spin wool, make cornhusk dolls, weaving, basket making. Becks even got to ride "Thomas the Train" aka - Golden Spike Train around the grounds. He was ecstatic. We went with some neighbors and the kids were able to get a taste of how the pioneers lived, and best of all it was $2 a person! We also took a half hour canoe ride for $3 for the entire family. You can't beat that deal!!

Later that day we had a BBQ and went swimming with friends and then watched an outdoor movie in their backyard. So much fun! We made popcorn ( in a brown paper bag so you can see all the butter darkening the bag -another treat I remember my aunt doing as a kid on the 24th) and the kids had big blankets and bedding set up for the show. We stayed up way to late and slept in the next day until about 9:00! That doesn't happen very often and the kids were pretty much wiped out, which must mean a successful holiday!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NOT a happy camper. Just an ornery (but cute) husband.

So I think this post is pretty funny - but not sure if Kerry will! Last Friday we took our family and invited some friends up to the lake again and this time I decided to throw a night of camping into the loop. Kerry was skeptical of this from the beginning - not too excited about the headache, but I assured him it would be fine. Well, it was a fine trip - but not at first. At first, it was miserable. All of the campsites along the beach were no longer able to be used - even though I called 3 times and was told we could just find any spot on the beach and camp - which is what I had done in the past. It's great because you just throw up a tent and anchor the boat right there on the beach and then in the wee hours of the morning you can get up and ski right out the door. Well, when we got there, the rules had just been changed and everyone (and their dogs) had to camp in a designated spot along a muddy bank - not what we were expecting. So as Kerry was on the beach looking for a spot in the dead heat and I was with kids on the boat - unable to communicate to him or our friends looking for a camping spot and without a great area to pull the boat in, I had to just yell and try our best to figure it out. The kids were hot and hungry and Kerry, Jonathan and Lori were having to trek through the brush to try and find somewhere left where we could set up camp. We ended up setting up the tent in one spot and finding a beach for the evening and next day in another spot. Not ideal, but it ultimately still was a great adventure for the kids.

The funny thing (not funny at the time) is that Kerry was so frustrated and if you know him you are aware that he says what he thinks and so our good friends the Cebs got to hear him ranting and raving about 'who's bright idea this was'. (that would be mine.) I think it's pretty funny to hear it from them - they already know what an ornery bugger he can be occasionally, and they love him just as much! And believe me I mean ornery bugger in the best possible most adoring way. Elinkowskis and Greens came up also which always makes for a great time, and just gave them more material on Kerry. Mike and Jill were also able to witness the loveliness of the night - and we were so glad when they took 2 of our little divas over to their boat for some tubing. (We owe ya one!) . I'm going to see if we can definitely do it again, soon! It's a good thing Kerry has about a hundred redeeming qualities that make him the best man I could ever hope and be blessed enough to be with. Thanks for being a good sport...eventually. The kids had fun camping and we have lots of good stories now to tell at parties. Love you Honey!

Lazy Dayz

Today we spent 6 hours at Joan's pool with all the girlys and the kiddos. It just seemed easier to stay and order pizza for lunch than to actually clean up and go home for pb&j's, so our original 2 hours turned into 4 turned into 6.... Besides being one of my favorite ladies of all time - Joan's yard is also one of my favorites of all time. Big shade trees, nice pool, great gardens, big old swings. We always have a great time and can ignore all the to'do's on the list for the day and just be mom's with sunburnt kids. Great stuff.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought I was on to something...

While watching my niece and nephew last week, we all decided to go to Dan's grocery store and get a few essentials before heading home from our evening out. I knew this would be a dangerous mission - 5 kids grocery shopping - one of them being a 2 year old, and not a docile one at that. But, I had a great idea! I thought that if we went to Dan's I could get them all cheap soft serve ice cream cones and that would keep them fairly happy while we quickly shopped. It was working like a charm except that Beckham found one of those little mini shopping carts for kids and wanted to push it around, while I held his ice cream cone (as well as the one I had for myself while I was pushing my big cart around- I'm not one to pass up ice cream.)
Let's just say - there was a Demon at Dan's that day! He became a shopping cart demolisher - running up and down the aisles with his little cart - running into and knocking down displays, purposefully running into the shelves and laughing at his madness. I finally got the cart away from him and stupid me, accidentally went up the toy aisle where he found a large toy machine gun with loud bullet noises. He then found delight in terrorizing the store patrons by pointing the gun at them and acting out their death scenes. This was a beautiful, proud parenting moment.

What can you do with styrofoam and cousins in a week?

So packaging styrofoam turns out to be the cheapest form of child entertainment. Last week we were able to watch Melanie's kids for a few days - Mylee and Brooks. I had to post this picture - all of them set up dollhouse furniture and lego towns around the entire kitchen, using dishtowels as carpet. The best part was the saladbowl Polly Pocket swimmingpool with styrofoam floats for the dolls and even one for their pet turtle. (see the accompanying tupperware hot tub next to the pool) The boys made an alligator swamp out of a cardboard box inset and broken styrofoam. Very clever little devils!

Eva and Ethan miss their cousins so much since they have moved to California, so this was a great week for them to get to hang out. Kerry was gone most of the week with his golf tourny and then girls camp, so it got a little crazy, but only once did I find myself hiding in my room with a tub of cookie dough. Only once :)
On Monday while Melanie was still here, we took the kids to Layton Park to feed the ducks and run around and then went to see Nim's Island with my mom later that night after eating burgers at the house. I'm so glad that Dollar movies exist - especially when you take a 2 year old.

On Tuesday we had our neighborhood activity and we all went up to the Ogden Dinosaur Park and had lunch. Lot's of fun.

Wednesday - My mom found the cutest little book/toy store up by the Rock Loft called 3 Little Monkeys. It is a small bookstore boutiqe (locally owned so I love to support them!) and they have a craft/story time on Wednesdays. My sister Mel and I and my mom and Britter took the kids for storytime and they spent a lot of time after just checking out the books/toys and conniving to buy just one more little thing..pleeeease mom!!! Melanies 2 little twin girls - Mia and Annika , and Beckham (all 2year olds) left the store in complete hysterics - all of us carrying them out in fits of rage because they didn't want to leave. We then took the little angels over to the BunBasket for lunch - delish!
Beckham, Grandma, and Annika or Mia making their crafts. (It's impossible for me to tell which twin it is from the side!)

On Friday we went up to Fernwood campground up by the Layton castle and took pizza to eat in the picnic area. This was really cool - they had a great time......UNTIL we saw a snake on the trail. We took a hike up through the park and I thought Ethan was kidding when he said he saw a snake, but nope. There it was, sliding right through the middle of the trail, about 2-3 feet long. Brooks started crying, Ethan thought it was awesome, and Eva and Mylee and the rest of them all wanted to get the heck out of dodge! They were finished and couldn't get down the trail fast enough. All makes for good stories, though!

Ethan has a knack for being able to find natural weapons. This was his gun formed from a stick.

Here they are on the trail totally bugged that I told them to turn around so I could snap a picture - they had just seen the snake and were not happy - Eva's face says it all.

Becks just being 2.

Here are the kiddos showing me how their faces looked when they saw the snake - pretty good reenactment.

Now they are back in Cali and we hope that we can see them again soon! We sure miss having them here with us!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kerry's Utah State Am Golf Tournament

Kerry has been playing in the Utah State Ameteur golf tournament up at Soldier Hollow the last couple of days. In order for him to advance to the State Am, he had to play in a qualifying match back in June at HAFB..... and he did great!! He shot a 74 which tied him for 5th place -Awesome! He made the cut for the State Am and was able to advance! What a great opportunity to play with some of the state's best players.

Here is a quick recap of how he did at Soldier Hollow - July 9th and 10th:

Wednesday on the Silver course he shot a 79 - His putting struggled - usually this is one of his stronger areas. Although he was not happy with his score, he still had a great experience. His buddy Reed went with him to be his caddy and he was grateful for all of his help and support - especially on such a hot day!

Thursday on the Gold course he shot a 73 - Yeah!! This is a difficult course and he rocked! He knew he wouldn't advance to match play, but he was thrilled to have had such a good round. Many of the guys in the tourny are young collegiete players, so it is a high caliber of players and he was excited just to be a part of it.

He has loved this sport for as long as I can remember and has been improving his handicap each year through diligent practice. When we were first married, he had a goal of reaching a 5 handicap. He achieved that goal and surpassed it, now currently at a 2 handicap. He has really honed in his game this last year. Kerry is passionate about this sport -(some would even go as far to say obesessed...I've never said that :) But it makes him happy and he enjoys getting out early in the morning and is a good outlet for him.

Congratulations on playing so well this year Babe!!! Way to go - we love you so much!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fantastic Four(th)

We had a great 4th of July weekend - partly because we were able to do a lot with family and it was just fun being all together and partly because I love all the traditional parades and fireworks and all that goes along with it! It's always an exhausting holiday it seems - hot days, late nights, as much fun as you can find... Kerry and I took a nap on our definitley underutilized hammock inbetween the parade and fireworks. That was as good as anything!

Uncle Jonny Mountain Dew'in it on the rope swing..... I loved this picture!

We decided to take up the boat the night before the 4th and set our sights on Echo reservoir, rather than playing frogger with all of the other 5,000 boaters at Pineview. We had one of the more fun times we have ever had boating - great water, few boats, fun company.... It may be our new regular destination. We went up to the lake with my brother Jonny and his girlfriend Brooke and my little sister Britter. They're all great skiers and boarders and tons of fun to be with. Eva had a birthday party, so she wasn't able to come with us this time. We missed her!

Uncle Jonny was more than happy to help Ethan - they are both naturally drawn to this - anything dangerous and boyish and they're all over it!

Becks found the 'train whistle' on the boat - he was able to make the beautiful loud honking noise over and over and over. All of the fishermen on the banks loved him for alerting all the fish of their presence.

Ethan and Mom on the pita tube...

Daddy and the kiddos all set up for maximum candy retrieval at the Kaysville parade... This is not his favorite thing to do, but he knows his kids love it so that's enough. He's a great Daddy.
As is tradition at the beginning of most parades, the flag is carried and the colors are presented and everyone stands with their hand over their heart. There were military men in artillery vehicles waving to the crowd. It really got to me this time - I am proud of our country, even in all its turmoil. I am so thankful for what we have and enjoy here. I know that we are blessed beyond measure. This is one of my life long best friends forever Lori and her 2 adorable boys Spencer and Brady and my friend Amy's son Dax. Lori and I go way back...We both shed a tear of nostalgia when we saw the Davis High Band march by.. (not really) but we are proud Darts! After the parade we went up to my parents neighborhood festival for great food and of course, the Dunking Tank! Ethan didn't really know what he was in for. Grandpa threw the balls and on the first throw Ethan was abruptly dropped into freezing cold water! He was done after that.

Grandpa getting ready for the pitch... Unsuspecting grandson just moments away from Grandpa's terminator fast ball. I wish I had an after shot... priceless!
Swimming at the pool - chicken fighting, handstands, all the good stuff on a hot hot day.
Brooke and Eva (Eva said to her friend, "This is Brooke. She is my aunt....Almost." No pressure.

We ended the day with my parents, Brooke and Jonny and Britter at the Layton High fireworks. The fireworks were not as impressive as they have been in the past, but who cares! Ethan and Becks found light sabers! Who could ask for anything better? Beckham wants to let everybody know that he is Yoda. Not Vader like Ethan says.

This is the great photography of Eva, our take charge 8 year old. Artistic angles and all...this was the 4th shot before she finally got it with out a light saber, 6 year olds hand, or camera strap in the picture.

I was grateful for a safe and fun weekend and I am so grateful for my family and my country and for the people who defend it. A heartfelt Thank You~