Monday, October 29, 2007

Beckham's Art

We have quite the little Monet at our house. Please see the following works of art done on our walls by our 22 month old prodigy. The medium he prefers to use is washable markers, but he also has dabbled in mascara, lipstick, toothpaste and lipgloss. He AND the artwork will be up for auction on Saturday. All proceeds will go to the CraZ MOMMA foundation.

Beckham has a pretty good routine going for him. Destroy, be cute, Destroy, be extra cute, Destroy, hide from mom, take a nap, Destroy. This is what we do all day long and then all day long the next day. He is a machine!!! I'm telling you, this kid has a gift. In the last few months I've seen my house look like a wrecking ball has gone through it. You know when a family moves out of a house and the new family moves in and doesn't take care of things as well as the previous owner? And everyone in the neighborhood drives by and says, "Oh boy. They've sure let that house go. Hey, is that a car parked on their front lawn?" Well, that is what I kind of feel like lately if someone were to walk through my house, only nobody new has moved's still us!! I have to say it's quite impressive the amount of creative chaos he can come up with. I can't keep up with this kid!! Short of locking him in a closet, this all happens when I am either trying to get ready, get dinner, do homework with kids or clean up his last little project. He actually did his face very well with my mascara in this last photo. Almost looks like a cute little kitten.... Don't fall for it!!!!! All this being said, I absolutely melt each day when he wakes up and says, 'Mama' and cuddles with me. I get a kick out of him - he is a great little addition to our family, and Eva and Ethan absolutely adore him. . He is really so much fun and a total mama's boy. If they could just stay little...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Here Goes!

It is almost midnight, and after a little gentle prodding from a friend, (thanks Jill!) I have decided (yes, I MADE a decision.......all by myself...) to CREATE A FAMILY BLOG!!!! Wow , you say. Congratulations, and Welcome to the wonderful world of technology!!
Truth be told, I'm a litte afraid to actually see my life in print. I also am not sure I can remember the events of the days or even what day it is, but that should just add to all of the fun, right? That's what I'm here for. Cheap entertainment!
Actually, I am really excited to finally get this going - Life is good. I have so much to be grateful for. Real friends who improve my life. Incredible and supportive family. I adore my kids and my hubby, so it will be fun to write about them all! (I've got so much dirt on them!!) I am constantly feeling like I am in training from my family and wonder why I am so far behind - they teach me things about myself that I couldn't learn anywhere else. It really is the perfect institution.
So, A Toast - To family and friends! We love reading about how the rest of you are doing and the fun/ crazy days you have. We love you all! Wish us luck in this grand endeavor!