Friday, April 15, 2011

Deep Dooders, Becks, and Eva

At breakfast today, in between bites of toast and a pre-test, Ethan said to me out of nowhere, "Mom, it really isn't a good idea to trick astronauts.  Because if you tricked them and told them the wrong time, they wouldn't be able to make it to their rocket before it left.  And it might be a long time before we send up another rocket."

Earlier this week:
Beckham had his kindergarten round-up at his new "big kid" school.  After it ended, most of the people had left the cafeteria, but I stayed to talk to the principal for a minute.  We got talking and apparently Becks was ready to go.  He came over to me, puts both hands up in the air like he just can't believe he is having to deal with this, and says to me in his most incredulous voice, "WELL!  I GUESS YOU'RE WALKING HOME!"  and with that, he turned and walked out of the room without even waiting to see my reaction.  I think he was mid-hall when he realized that 
1: he didn't have the keys to the car, and 
2: he didn't have a driver's license and wasn't going to have access to one for a while.

And yesterday:
Eva has convinced her mommy to let her get acrylic nails.  Seriously, really?  I found out many years ago that I had to be very very picky with my battles that I chose with her.  It just wasn't worth the destruction to the relationship unless it was going to make a difference.  So, after trying to talk her out of getting the nails for the last 2 weeks, I finally relented. I could see that this was a big, huge, deal to her. All of her friends at school have them - and that is the truth.  I watched, almost laughing out loud, as her friend was talking to me and was gesturing glamorously with her acrylicly- clad, french manicured fingernails while she was explaining what to do on her homework.  These girls are 11.
Eva has to pay for them herself, so I'm hoping that she will see the work required to maintain them and get it out of her system for a decade or so.

These are the deep thoughts going through my children's heads this week.  Love them!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gooooood morning, Sunshine!

This post is coming to you from my phone, in my bed, at home, after 12 hours of sleep. 12 hours! Life is good. Just had to relish in the moment because it may be some time before I am able to partake of this much shut-eye again.