Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She'll thank me when she's older!

  Eva has been taking piano lessons.  She doesn't like to practice.  She says she is going to quit.  I tell her, "no you are not!".  She loves to wear princess dresses.  She just had her piano recital.   She did a great job and we all love her and are so proud of her.  Eva secretly likes to play the piano.

Eva and her teacher Juliet, who is leaving to be a mission president for Thailand in June.

This is Eva.
This is Eva and her good friend Donell.
This is Eva's grandpa trying to teach her the fundamentals.  He knows nothing.   
This is what Eva thinks of her Grandpa.
This is REALLY what Eva thinks of her grandpa. 
This is our family so proud of Eva.
This is what our family REALLY thinks of Eva.
This is Uncle Stevie and Devyn.  We love them and are so glad they could come.

And that's that.

What to do when you're 3

When you're 3 years old, you can:

Blow bubbles and beg mom to take a picture of you.....
Entertain yourself while mom attempts to clean by filling your trains with hair elastics ..
...and turning the cleaning supplies into a long train tunnel 
Play/torment the puppy who just inherited a new binkie from a 2 month old infant via the 5 paw discount at play group...(they didn't want it back....weird!)

And read books in the buff.  That's what you do when your 3, because you can.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Alert! Alert!

Ethan believes that he is allergic to meatballs.  Apparently his nose started running today at lunch - as he was eating the said meatballs- and he is sure that they are the cause of his 'dehydration', as he put it.
Originally I couldn't understand what he was saying and thought he had said he thinks he is allergic to 'people', which didn't make any sense at all.  But meatballs, well that totally makes sense. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The devil @

This person or persons is really the devil.  Please feel free to send this email address out to any company that would send them thousands of unwanted solicitations and junk email.  This morning I tried to access my msn account - no go.  That's weird.  Let's try my ebay account.  No go.  What the?? I contact msn and notice that the alternate email had been changed to this devil account so anytime I would have a password or id emailed so I could change it, it would all be directed to them.  They read through my hotmail account and also tried to list some expensive items on ebay under my name as the seller.  Jacka@@#!!!!  I've changed all accounts and passwords so they should be locked out, but who knows what info they have?
Ok.  I feel better now.  I think we have gotten it all figured out now, but be careful out there in cyber world!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Queen Bee Tea         La Caille  
Sat. 28, 2009  
Eva and I, along with Brook and Kallie girl had the opportunity to attend a benefit 'tea' at La Caille for Mrs. Utah's, Emily Nelson, charity - Project Lemonade.  Emily's husband works with Kerry at YES.  There were all sorts of Queens attending.  Eva and I sat at the table with Miss Utah, Miss Outstanding Teen USA, and Miss Herriman.  We also sat by Necia DeGering from Good Things Utah and her 2 little girls.  
Most of the younger girls were dressed up as princesses.  Eva has outgrown all of her Disney Princess days and dress ups.  But she still loves anything girly and tweeny.  They held a princess dress fashion show and auction.  We were the lucky bidders to win gown #1 - an 18th century little number that Eva is positive she will be able to wear at many different events, including church.  We'll  see......  I know I'm at the end of her dress up days and I am willing to prolong it as much as I can.  She still loves this stuff.
Emily put on a great fundraising event which is a very tricky and difficult thing to pull off.  There is a lot of work that takes place prior and she did a fantastic event!  Brooke said she was really proud of Emily for putting it all together.  I have to agree.  Great job!

I was really looking forward to spending some time with Eva - just the girls.  I think she had fun and was loving all of the Queens and crowns and glam that came with it.  My little girly girl - At least for a few more years!