Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Prophet - President Gordon B. Hinkley
There is nothing that hasn't already been said by so many, but I want to add my own thoughts about President Hinkley and the influence he has had on me individually and my family. He was loved by so many people.

My favorite memory of President Hinkley was when he spoke at my graduation commencement exercises at the University of Utah in 1998. I knew that there was no other person on the earth that had the authority and wisdom as he did, and I always knew how lucky I was to be in attendance. I was a little anxious to see how some of the more liberal students would respond, but he was amazing. He had all of the graduates feeling strong and able, ready to go out and do as much good as we could in the world. All of us. He recieved a standing ovation and the mesage he left was one of congratulations, good job, now get out there and forget yourself and make a difference for others. I will always remember the way he made an entire arena full of people feel uplifted and empowered.

He was a dynamic, highly respected and accomplished leader, but I have been amazed to hear that what people are remembering most is the way they felt he affected them personally and made them want to be better. He made me want to be a better person. A more responsible and courageous person. He proved the value of a good sense of humor and helped us to have a brighter outlook on life. He was enthusiastic and encouraging, even in the midst of a troubled world. He has inspired us to live life with integrity and to be more forgiving, accepting and loving. I loved his ability to engage otheres, his passion for learning and for good books, and his humility. I admired his adoration of his wife and their love and devotion.

President Hinkley was tremendous and has left an impression upon my life that will continue to affect the decisions I make and how I want to live. I will miss hearing his wit and articulation and his vibrancy as he would speak during conference. I only wish that my children could have grown up with him a little longer. He was a remarkable man who expects us to all live up to our own greatness. What an incredible opportunity and blessing to have been able to have him as our prophet. We will miss him!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Flock of Seagulls - Dooders is their biggest Fan

This was what we woke up to the other day -
We didn't know that Ethan was such a big Flock of Seagulls fan... The 80's are alive and well at the Westenskow's!

Your mouth is saying NO, but your hat is saying YES!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

Last month, just a week or so before Christmas, Kerry's sister Kirsten - aka "Auntie"- totally hooked us up. She was able to get us a room at the luxe Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for a couple of nights and my awesome mom and sister helped us out with the kids while we were away. It was such a great trip! The hotel was fabulous.....Someplace we would probably never stay normally, but for a couple of days, we were p-r-e-t-t-y d-a-r-n-cool.
The room was on the 54th floor and had an entire wall of windows looking out into all of the lights. The bathroom was amazing itself -beautiful and bigger than many rooms in my house, and Kerry was able to get comped a $500 round of golf.
But the absolute most incredible part of the trip was.....drumroll please........ The CHOCOLATE!! The hotel has its own 'chocolatier' on staff and if your lucky (which we were, because like I said, we were p-r-e-t-t-y d-a-r-n cool for a couple of days,) you received one of these chocolate 'statues' in your room. It was like this modern piece of art - a tiered tray made soley out of chocolate which held truffles and even more chocolates! It was entirely eaten before we left.

Chocolate kept coming each night, and really, what more could a girl want? Well, shopping. I did some shopping and Kerry golfed.

The last night, Kirsten took us to see Monty Python's Spamalot which was so very, very funny - it brought back memories of my dad introducing this film to me as a kid! In fact, my dad used a part in the movie one time years ago in his sunday school class to delicately illustrate 'enduring to the end' and perserverence - If you know the movie, it is the part where the 2 knights are duelling and the opposing knight gets every one of his limbs cut off and continue to yells, "Come back here you sissy! I'll bite your kneecaps off!" as he is hopping around as a talking, bloody torso.....I don't think it is a church approved movie, but I could be wrong. (Don't you all wish you had my dad as YOUR sunday school teacher?! He was a lot of fun!)

Kerry and I had such a great time together -the trip was great . Kirst - you are the best!! Thank you for setting us up in Vegas in style and for such a great weekend, and thanks for all you do for us and the kiddos. They are completely spoiled by you and so lucky to have you as their Auntie. Beckham asked me again tonight " Where Auntie go? Auntie at her house? Auntie come to Beckham's house. " We sure love you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beckham's 2nd Birthday - Trains!!!

Beckham turned 2 on December 15th - He is right on target for the terrible and terribly adorable Two's. I made him this Thomas the Tank Engine cake and he thought I was the coolest mom ever! I put it in the fridge and he was mad because he wanted it RIGHT NOW. I had to leave for a while so I told Kerry to watch him with the cake because I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get at it - even though it was on the highest shelf in the fridge. I called home later and Kerry told me that Becks pushed a barstool over to the fridge, opened the door, climbed up and somewhat in to the fridge, and just as he was reaching in to grab a handful of cake Kerry caught him and was able to save the cake from what would have been certain destruction! Luckily, only minor damage to the 'B' in "Beckham".
Becks was one happy camper when he opened up his Bill Train from his uncle Mike. "Bill!!!" he screamed out. It scares me that he knows all of the Thomas train names - I bet there are close to 15 or so that he knows just by looking at them. (Let's see, there's James, Percy, Thomas,Edward, Henry, Gordon, Skarloey, Bill and Ben,Troublesome Trucks, Emily, Lady,Mavis, Toby, Spencer, Diesel, Cranky, .....Becks could tell you a few more if you ask him.)

Here is the fam and our gangsta brother.

Beckham and Ethan in complete control of the ice cream. Beckham walked around the table to where the cake was, grabbed a big slice and hand carried it back to his plate. Hey, it's his day. He can manhandle his cake if he wants to.

And last but not least, Beckham licks the cake and icing out of the train wheels. Yummy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Temple Square with the Arvey's

Temple Square is a family tradition for most people here in Utah. It reminds me so much of going there as a kid with my own parents, and now it is as if I have come full circle and Kerry and I are responsible for providing new memories for our own kids. It usually is the same every year, and that is what is great. You look forward to seeing the lights, the Christus, and the nativity. The only part I wish was still there was the kid in the playhouse that talked about family night. It was just a puppet boy in a tree, but I loved it!

This year we met our good friends Mike and Jill Arveseth down at Crown Burger with all of the kiddos and then walked up to see the lights. I think Ethan only threw snow at 2 people during the nativity presentation and Beckham only barely made it under the nativity gate on his way to pet one of the sheep before I caught him, so it went pretty well. The Arveseths are lots of fun - always up for a good time and our kids had a great time together!

It is always awesome to see the Christus - it helps me to center myself and remember what really matters, and my kids -like all the others - all want to sit in front, up close to see Jesus. I hope they always feel like that.

December Happenings 2007

I'm going to be posting a few of the things that happened here at the homefront during December - this is a great way for me to document our family events since it is uncertain whether or not the scrapbooks will ever be caught up!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Where Da Gum Go?

Beckham Loves Gum!! This was a total free for all for him -Kerry unloaded his keys,wallet, and gum on the counter and poof! That was the end of that! Notice little Beck's method of hostile takeover: while dumb, unsuspecting mother is in the bathroom, unwrap each piece of gum, bite each one in half, lick it or chew it, spit it back on the counter and when mom comes back in, declare in sweet 2 year old voice, "BECKHAMS'S Gum. Where da gum go?"
You know the rule - once you've licked it, it's yours. Keep it, Becks. Chew it. Pull it out into tiny little strings. Get it all over you and your clothes. Sleep with it and get it in your hair. Have your way with it little 2 year old. You won't get away with this forever!

Dooder's Christmas Song

This is Dude's Spanish Christmas song he learned at school. I should've recorded it before Christmas break because he can't remember part of it now. That's ok, It's still cute!