Monday, December 29, 2008

Just checking in.........
I've been steering clear of the computer this last week or so to enjoy the unscheduled chaos of the season and being home with family, but just a quick snipit: 
If you were to peek into our home last night you would have seen dirty dishes in the sink, hershey kisses wrappers all over the counter, legos covering every square inch of the kitchen table, trains all over the floor, toys scattered in every direction, and 2 very sleepy parents and 3 little kiddos and their dog snuggled on the couch watching one of Kerry's favorite movies from start to finish - The Sound of Music.   It truly is his favorite movie.  I thought that was something many people may not know about that guy of mine.  During the part of the movie where Leisl and her secret telegram delivering boyfriend Rolf are dancing and singing in the gazebo, I happened to mention to the kids that "Daddy used to dance and sing like that to me when we were dating."   
That was funny.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spellcheck? Check.

I just realized I sent out my Christmas cards - all of them - with our last name spelled incorrectly.  I. Am. Awesome.
But really, what would be worse?  Sending them out with a handwritten "t" crammed into the space where it was left off?  Or paying to have them completely redone? (not in this economy!)  Or deciding not to send them at all? 
Personally, I think what would be worse would have been to spell a common word wrong like "Beleeve" or "elfes" or "missiletow", which would prove for sure stupidity.  
So enjoy our friendly Christmas greeeting from the Wesenskows.  Just say it like you have a lisp.   It sounds pretty good that way.
Dear Auntie,
Your packages arrived today for the kids, and needless to say they were thrilled to see all of the fun wrapped presents.  We put the gifts under the tree and are placing bets on how long it will be before Becks tries to sneakily unwrap his.  But the big hit tonight was the box and the bubble wrap.  First it was a rock show with Eva and Ethan making as much noise as they could by stomping on it, and then Ethan turned it into his 'homeless' home, and then Beckham turned it into his doghouse.  Just thought you'd enjoy seeing these :)  Love ya!  
Oh and by the way - you spoil them rotten and us, too.  Thanks for the yummy peppermint sticks.  Divine.  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa's Reply

Ethan got this letter back from Santa last week.  He was the only one who wrote one, so he was the only one that got one back!  It was funny to see Eva's face when we read the part about how Ethan is always trying to say nice words and always willing to help.  She about dropped her plate - in a "that is bull crap" sort of way.  It was kind of funny.
I have to say, though, I was pleasantly surprised when I did read the letter Ethan wrote to Santa that we mailed out a few weeks ago (to the YES North Pole headquartered in NSL).  He didn't ask for anything, he just wrote something like, "Dear Santa - I hope you have a great Christmas and eat lots of cookies.  You are nice. Thanks!  Ethan."  He did throw in a cut out picture of a Lego set he's been wanting.  I was really expecting a long old list of prospective toys, but I was proud of him for refraining.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This kid needs a puppy.

This is Beckham's reindeer dog Alfred asleep with his pillow and blankie (his favorite) in Eva's new little doll bed.  
Shhhh.......He has no idea that we found him a new little shitzu puppy arriving Christmas morning.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Secrets

Unlocking the secrets of the Westenskow Family Christmas Tree and other little mysteries...

Delving into the delights of the season - here is Captain Jack Santa from Outerbanks, NC

Pre-kids Christmas memory: Stingray City - Grand Caymans

Most Charming memory: Little wood and straw ornaments 
purchased in a small cottage shop in a townsquare of Prague during our 1st anniversary trip to Czech and Turkey.

One of Ethan's 1st obsessions.

Beck's 1st.

The oldest ornament on our tree. Probably circa 1975. Very vintage - just like my husband!

Memory:  Playing Life at Kerry's parents home the 1st year we were married with his brothers and sisters.  Chili and tortillas were made earlier, and let's just say it was a night filled with the smells of the season!  

Ok.  This ornament was given to Kerry and I for our wedding.  I think this is the first year I noticed that the guy looks like he's got an afro.  This takes first place as the cheesiest ornament we have.  It has hung with pride on our tree for the the last 12 years.

Least we forget the golf playing nutcracker.

Most Sentimental:  My Christmas china made by my Grandma Steiner.  
Eva Diva Ballerina 

More Prague charm.

Little Miss Dorothy.  And her little dog Toto, too.

Award for Tackiest ornament - yet hung proudly from our tree.  Kerry picked this little Viking up, no not from a Burger King Happy Meal, but at a little place in Denmark.  He thinks it is awesome.   The lines on the side from the plastic mold are my personal favorite.  He used to put it on the tree and I would try to discreetly hide it back in the box.  Now, it is always front and center.  Why fight it.

Scariest Ornament:  A Christmas Spider.  (legend of the tinsel)  Newly acquired from Midway.

This little guy came from a tiny littleChristmas shop in Oregon , just off the beach near 
haystack rock.  I was able to visit my friend Heather a few years ago and this pinocchio glass ornament reminds me of that trip.

Our little Danish santa given to us by Auntie.  He is one of my favorite little figurines.  He kind of looks like a gnome in this picture.  He's not a gnome.

Our Danish Christmas Kids we picked up on our trip to Denmark in '04.  I love the wooden clogs.

This is what happens when you start to accumulate extras.  Eva gets the overflow and loves it!

Ethan and Becks get to have the Christmas village in their room this year.  They think it is pretty cool.  I got this from a lady I worked for cleaning houses back in High School. 

And finally....
Award for the Most Perilous decorations at the Westenskow home.  If I hang these stockings over the mantel, they get pulled off and are extremely heavy.  Eva gave it a try a few years ago and has a scar on her forehead to prove it.  So to avoid serious injury, every year I bring in the ladder, climb up on to my belly and shimmy across the top of that ledge to hang the stockings.  There is a baby grand piano on one side and a steep set of stairs on the other.  Perilous I tell ya.  
I hope you enjoy all the little delights this time of the year brings.   Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is what my car window looked like at 3:30 pm on Monday afternoon.  It's almost so clean it doesn't even look like it's there!  My secret to such streak-free shine?

This is what my car window looked like at 3:15 pm, just moments earlier in front of the kids school.  
As I pulled up to pick up the kids, I decided I'd roll down the window to tell them to get in on the other side so as not to wake up the finally sleeping 2 year old.   As I pushed the button, in slow motion I watched as my entire passenger side window shattered into thousands of pieces.  I have no idea why.  The poor kiddos faces were all in shock - wondering if we had just been shot at or something.  All I know is that it was a cold ride home and this is the kind of stuff that hits you across the face on a random Monday afternoon.  So Bizarre.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Remember This?

Criss Cross Applesauce  - Eva and her friend Mikayla  

A dog named Alfred

The two little devil children (Becks and Kallie) played together today like little angels - snow angels.  Running out on to the deck to see the new snow - bare feet, gloveless.  Again and Again. Running in screaming "I cold, I cold!"  Standing by the fire for just moments.......
And then again.  Running out on the deck, down the sta
irs to the lawn, Making snow angels - barefoot and gloveless.  I am an awesome mom!
Here is a little piece of Kallie and Becks  - their little handprints in the snow next to our new pet "reindeer dog" named Alfred.  Beckham gave him his name, takes him all over the house, feeds him cheerios out of a bowl like dogfood, and wanted me to let him stay outside, because "dogs like it outside in the snow."
 This poor kid wants a dog so bad.  Kerry and I are actually considering a new little puppy for christmas.  It comes with a few stipulations, namely it has to be a small dog, it has to be non-shedding, and we'd also like it to not poop.  I'll take 2 out of the 3.
This would be a don't say anything!  We tried a big lab before - too big for our space.  If Becks wasn't acting like either a cat or a dog the entire day for the last few months, barking to answer our questions, licking people's faces, and crawling around on all fours -we probably wouldn't be venturing into puppy ownership. He chases our neighbors big cats around and finally corners them, picks them up, carries them around the yard, pets them, has conversations with them.  He is in love with the 4 legged friends.   Ethan loves animals too, and Eva is a bit less thrilled and is slow to warm up to them, but she says she likes them also.

I guess we'll see if Santa is able to find anything out there........  

It's Snowing!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This one's for you, Auntie Kirst.

I asked Beckham today if he remembered whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas time.  He said he didn't know.  So I told him it was for baby Jesus.
  I thought that maybe he didn't remember the whole Santa thing either, so I asked him another question.  "Who brings us toys and presents on Christmas morning?"
Without any hesitation he said,  "Auntie!!" 
 Auntie, you're as good as Santa in that boys eyes!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Usual Monday:  laundry, pick up house from weekend, errands, blah blah

Today's Monday:  Twilight Matinee at 1:oo with a couple of good friends.

I pick......Today's Monday.

I have to say that I liked it more than I thought I would.  The part when Edward shows up in his car to 'save' Bella in Port Angeles.....  Yowsas!  That's when it started getting good.  I think we're going to go again when Ang is in town over the holidays - Ladies??  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So there's this girl named Nie.

  I  read her blog from top to bottom a few months ago.  I treated it like a good book - I started at the beginning and couldn't wait to read more each day.  I actually found myself reading slower the closer to the end I came.  I am inspired by her recovery, but more than that, I love her way of Living.  Nie Nie Dialogues - When the book comes out, Your going to want to get a copy.    

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is Us.   Mr and Mrs.  
Together for 12 years

November 20, 1996
 Kuuepo - My Sweetheart.  You are my rock.  My friend.  My support.  You are generous in spirit.  You make me laugh.  You care for me and build me up.  You are affectionate.  You are balanced.  You are strong and filled with courage.  You know just what to say, when I come to you.  You understand the complexities that make up me. You are Mine.
I lean on you.  I learn from you.  I I am improved, because of you.  
I Love You!!   

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Now, into the archives......

Honeymoon pictures on Waikiki beach - this was just after Kerry's ring slipped off and fell into the sand.  It was dark.  There were only tiki torches lighting the way, but we found it.

Maui - Cheeseburgers in Paradise. Jimmy Buffets place for dinner, right on the water.  So much fun~

Dating!  I should have known what I was getting myself into...

Engagement Pictures

On our way home from Jackson Hole - just a day after proposing.   

I love You.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween - Yes, I'm aware that it is the middle of November

 Halloween took us once again to Hogwartz - a favorite of the kids when visiting their grandma and grandpa on halloween night....
My parents' neighbors put on a very impressive show  - completely transforming their backyard into a Harry Potter wonderland filled with dead-on characters (played by their talented acting family), backgrounds and sets, butter beer ( a mix of butterscotch and whole milk warmed up and delicious) and doughnuts, treats and toys for the kiddos, and of course, the sorting hat.
I think Ethan got put into Hufflepuff......i was sure it was going to be slitherin :)
eva was dressed as Hannah montana  - of course.  Where did she get her fabulous sparkly top, you ask?  She and her mother found a purse at di which was then made into a shirt by cutting out the bottom and slipping it over her head.  The delightful harry potter witch lady (I have no idea which character she was) told us in her perfect english accent that it was "quite clever and economical."   Exactly.

beckham was not sure what a talking hat was doing on his head - he was just happy to be there and grandpa was having just as much fun!
Eva and her friend Donnell ready to go - this was the only picture I got of her because she had some serious trick or treating to do...

a special stop to the cook's home is always a pleasure  - she has not only the best outdoor decor, but an entire dead room inside her house for special guests...

Here is our Halloween 2008 in  a nutshell:  Eva = Hannah Montana
Ethan = Star Wars Clone Trooper (that is NOT the same as a Storm Trooper)
Becks= Thomas the Tank Engine
Mom = kids-at-school-chocolate-candy-stealer-out-of-kids-stash on a daily basis
Dad=  lobbyist to mom to get me to buy 10 x as much candy as we really needed so there would be plenty of leftovers..

"this is aaaallll mine.  Alllll mine.   wahh ahhh ahha hhhh" said becks