Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I went in to volunteer in Ethan's class today expecting to do math.  But when I walked in, his awesome teacher who I would do almost anything for, asked me to help her by putting up some bulletin boards. I wonder if she saw the color completely run out of my face as I said, "Sure!"   I truly am inept when it comes to this.  Long swathes of butcher paper, measuring lengths whilst standing on a chair in the hall, trying to hold the stapler and scissors at the same time....and then to have to make it look cute!  So not in my skill set.  If you want it to look like you asked a student to do it, then have me do it.  If you want it to look 'pulled together', well, you may want to wait for another mom to come in tomorrow.  It ain't gonna be pretty.

Girls Already. Heaven help us.

Beckham's preschool teacher told me today that Beckham said he loves his mom's long hair (random!) and then she said that everyone in class knows that Beckham and Ava are together.  As in, they 'like' each other.  I asked Becks what that meant.  He said it's like when someone asks you to do a favor for them and you say yes because they are your friend.  Ok.  That works for me right now.
 I should have been on to this, because a few months ago Beckham came home with her phone number.  The little dude is getting girls' numbers already!  He told me to call her and then we could just go pick her up and bring her to our house to play.  He said she could play with Eva's dolls and that I would know which house was hers because it has a black door and it is just down the street 'that way' as he pointed in some obscure direction.
They are 5!
In a conversation with his buddy Danny this week I found out just how much they hear their older siblings.  While playing with trains Danny asks Becks, "Do you like Miley Cyrus?" (now just imagine that this little buddy of his can sometimes not say his 'r's, so it's extra cute)  Becks says, "No.  I like Demi Lavato."  Danny asks, "Who's Demi Lavato?" to which Becks replies, "She sings better than Miley Cyrus."  Danny, not quite convinced yet, asks totally matter of fact, "Well, is she hot?"
 I think Becks just mumbled that he didn't know but that she could sing.  Danny seemed content with that answer and the went on playing trains.  Danny also has a 15 year old older brother - can you tell?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My little secret..

I guess you could say I'm in a bit of a blogging slump right now.  Life is moving and grooving and things are busy and fun and chaotic and happening.  Just like they should be.  The problem is that I can't seem to get the desire to right them down.  It's like making someone eat cabbage soup again after the 7th day of the wretched diet.  I. Just. Can't. Do it.  Bottom line, I can't seem to find the desire.  However, I'm coming to realize that there may never be a time where I am caught up on family albums or kids journals, and that is why I am so glad to have written a lot down in posts. That  is until the last 6 months or so, when it gradually became less.  And less. And less - it's like a slow death.  

Well No More!  I need to start somewhere, so why not start with a little secret of mine?  Just to break the ice and end the blogging slump.

I. Love. Chocolate.  That is not the secret....
The secret is that for the past year or so I have continually kept one of these chili pepper-infused-dark chocolate-maddening goodness-Lindt bars by the side of my bed, inside my nightstand, for immediate access, where no kids will touch it, allowing me to nibble from any time I want.  And I go through a lot of them. 
If I had to choose something for the rest of my chocolate eating days, it might be this.  Seriously addicting.  Auntie and I snuck them in to Wicked and Chicago in NY to eat during the show.  I managed to get my Vegas Ragnar buddies all hooked. (antioxidents!)  And I'm wondering if anyone else out there has become addicted.  
The only person I know who doesn't like them is my 6th grade long time bff Lori, who told me they were disgusting when I offered one to her at Women's conference a couple of years ago.   This is the same friend of mine, who in junior high went to a Utah football game with me and my dad and was the only one who didn't have a pile of sunflower shells at the bottom of her feet, because she didn't know you weren't supposed to eat the things whole.  Also the same girl who shaved off her bangs with a razor in 6th grade because she thought that would get rid of them for good.   I think I've proven my point. 
This is also the same girl who served a mission in Argentina,  speaks fluent Spanish, traveled through Europe and Jerusalem, got her degree at BYU, taught high school English in Virginia, knows how to get what she wants, and has a beautiful brood of 5 that all follow after her and call her mom all day and she does a spankin' job of it.  But that last part isn't really helping my case much, so just remember her as the sunflower seed shell girl and try the chili pepper Lindt...