Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonderlands when your 6

Ethan and his cousin Colton found their own secret spot to be 6 year olds up in Rexburg this weekend.  The snow drifts that Kerry's parent's get behind their house are fantastic - about the height of their fence.  This makes for some great adventures. 
Here is Ethan's personally guided tour:

I have very specific 'secret fort/clubs/forests' memories from when I was little.  Most of my memories are with my best friend growing up, Chelsea.  We  used to find big fridge boxes and make secret clubs with secret passwords and folders.  We found a spot behind a rock wall that was ours to explore, until the old grouchy lady told us to get off of her property.   We used my parents food storage room to set up desks and chairs for our club and we helped ourselves to the big box of bulk chocolate chips that were in there, too.  (Side note - we would hide the evidence of the chocolate by swishing with Listerine!  Brilliant! So we thought.  My parents say they knew all along.)
I love this kind of stuff.  To me, one of the best parts of being a parent is being able to come full circle as you watch your kids make their own spaces.  It's a whole different world to a 6 year old than it is to a parent.  I'm sure my mom thought the same thing that I do now, when we would drag all of the stuff into other rooms for our clubs - just another mess she was going to have to deal with, but was willing to do it so we could play.  But as a kid, that place was a wonderland.  

Friday, February 13, 2009


I apologize for the cutesy cutesy blogging, but these were just so fun that I had to post. Eva's friend Hannah brought over these adorable valentines on Friday that she made. How clever! Here are some funny Valentines mentionables:
These are a couple of notes we saw in Eva's Valentines box from her friends at school. One says: "You are nice because you are not mean to people." ha ha Love it!
The second one says: "Eva, you are a good friend because yesterday you played with me and you listen to my troubles." I wonder what kind of troubles you have as a 3rd grader :)
This was Ethan's Valentine's mailbox 'train' he had to make for school....As you can tell I'm not much for the 'parent making amazing things for their kids to take to school' deal. I like that it is his little creation.

That Man of Mine......

Tuesday afternoon I came home to these beauties on my doorstep.  I sure love that man of mine......
These are for Eva from Daddy.  Actually, the card said they were from "the boys", meaning Dad, Becks, and Ethan.  When Eva came home and saw her roses she was ecstatic.  
I said to Ethan, "Ethan, did you know that you and Dad got these flowers for Mom and Eva?"
He says, "I did? Oh.  You're Welcome."
Happy Valentines!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taggety Tag Tag

I am answering Brooke's tag which, thankfully was really quick and easy.  I usually slowly forget to do them and then forget all together!
Here is the game:

This is my dear 'older by 5 years and I'll keep reminding her of that' amazing friend Kristin and her " wishes he could still feather like he used to" husband Ron on our cruise while we took a sailing adventure.  Right now I am jealous because they are off galavanting around in Thailand and other parts of Asia with their family for a couple of months while the rest of us are here in the cold!  Lucky Suckers!   
At the bottom of the pic is my other dear cooler than ever friend Lori that was on her first cruise/first couples only leaving the kids at home vacation.  She totally deserved it and gave us all some great snorkeling stories...  I wish my 4th picture had been the one of her doing the dead man.  Maybe next time...
I tag:
Melanie  (Update, Update, Update sister~!)


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sunday mornings are not my favorite mornings, which I'm guessing is the case with most who are getting uncooperative kiddos ready for 9am church.  I just didn't have it in me yesterday to fight Beckham, who was determined to wear:
Thomas the tank Engine boat shoes WITH black socks and gray church pants.  

I had to snap a foto before I changed him out of his clothes after church.  Pretty dang proud of himself.  The kid takes after his dad....