Monday, November 24, 2008

Usual Monday:  laundry, pick up house from weekend, errands, blah blah

Today's Monday:  Twilight Matinee at 1:oo with a couple of good friends.

I pick......Today's Monday.

I have to say that I liked it more than I thought I would.  The part when Edward shows up in his car to 'save' Bella in Port Angeles.....  Yowsas!  That's when it started getting good.  I think we're going to go again when Ang is in town over the holidays - Ladies??  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So there's this girl named Nie.

  I  read her blog from top to bottom a few months ago.  I treated it like a good book - I started at the beginning and couldn't wait to read more each day.  I actually found myself reading slower the closer to the end I came.  I am inspired by her recovery, but more than that, I love her way of Living.  Nie Nie Dialogues - When the book comes out, Your going to want to get a copy.    

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is Us.   Mr and Mrs.  
Together for 12 years

November 20, 1996
 Kuuepo - My Sweetheart.  You are my rock.  My friend.  My support.  You are generous in spirit.  You make me laugh.  You care for me and build me up.  You are affectionate.  You are balanced.  You are strong and filled with courage.  You know just what to say, when I come to you.  You understand the complexities that make up me. You are Mine.
I lean on you.  I learn from you.  I I am improved, because of you.  
I Love You!!   

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Now, into the archives......

Honeymoon pictures on Waikiki beach - this was just after Kerry's ring slipped off and fell into the sand.  It was dark.  There were only tiki torches lighting the way, but we found it.

Maui - Cheeseburgers in Paradise. Jimmy Buffets place for dinner, right on the water.  So much fun~

Dating!  I should have known what I was getting myself into...

Engagement Pictures

On our way home from Jackson Hole - just a day after proposing.   

I love You.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween - Yes, I'm aware that it is the middle of November

 Halloween took us once again to Hogwartz - a favorite of the kids when visiting their grandma and grandpa on halloween night....
My parents' neighbors put on a very impressive show  - completely transforming their backyard into a Harry Potter wonderland filled with dead-on characters (played by their talented acting family), backgrounds and sets, butter beer ( a mix of butterscotch and whole milk warmed up and delicious) and doughnuts, treats and toys for the kiddos, and of course, the sorting hat.
I think Ethan got put into Hufflepuff......i was sure it was going to be slitherin :)
eva was dressed as Hannah montana  - of course.  Where did she get her fabulous sparkly top, you ask?  She and her mother found a purse at di which was then made into a shirt by cutting out the bottom and slipping it over her head.  The delightful harry potter witch lady (I have no idea which character she was) told us in her perfect english accent that it was "quite clever and economical."   Exactly.

beckham was not sure what a talking hat was doing on his head - he was just happy to be there and grandpa was having just as much fun!
Eva and her friend Donnell ready to go - this was the only picture I got of her because she had some serious trick or treating to do...

a special stop to the cook's home is always a pleasure  - she has not only the best outdoor decor, but an entire dead room inside her house for special guests...

Here is our Halloween 2008 in  a nutshell:  Eva = Hannah Montana
Ethan = Star Wars Clone Trooper (that is NOT the same as a Storm Trooper)
Becks= Thomas the Tank Engine
Mom = kids-at-school-chocolate-candy-stealer-out-of-kids-stash on a daily basis
Dad=  lobbyist to mom to get me to buy 10 x as much candy as we really needed so there would be plenty of leftovers..

"this is aaaallll mine.  Alllll mine.   wahh ahhh ahha hhhh" said becks

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eva's Hannah Montana Party...She's Here!!!!!

Eva's 9th birthday was supposed to be at the Lion House - but the dates weren't working out, so we went another route.  Hannah Montana (aka Deanna from Salt Lake City) arrived with her gold guitar and bodyguard (her dad) to our house for 1 hour of singing, dancing, autographs, pictures, the whole bit.   She did a great job - only 14 years old and was awesome with the girls!
I didn't find out until after the party that some of the girls really thought that it was actually Mylee Cyrus dressed as Hannah.  I just thought they knew it was going to be for fun, but I had a couple of funny stories from the moms from when the girls came home and told them that THE Hannah Montana was there.  When she showed up at the door, my neighbor who was outside - at the other end of the street- 
 told me that she could hear them 'shrieking' from inside my house.  This was hilarious as a parent to watch - I think they were pretty excited.

Ethan and his buddy were in awe of her- and the crazy girls.  They just sat back and watched, made a fort with the pillows to hide behind and spy on them, and put foam stickers across their foreheads.

Becks kept telling me that Hannah Montana was coming over to babysit him.  He got really shy when he actually got to get his picture with her. He must have been twitterpated.

Signing autographs!  The girls decorated notebooks at the party before she came so they would have something for her to sign.  She signed it as the one and only Hannah.

Teaching the girls the Hannah moves - right there in our own living room.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Becks as a Rockstar!!!

My 2 year old in heels - Stellar performance, Becks! 

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Vacation Wrap up!

Here it is - the final pics of our trip.  I need to wrap this up so I can post Halloween before Christmas gets here!  That's just sort of how I operate.....
We rolled into California and found ourselves in the loveliest of lovely neighborhoods and home of my sister Melanie and her husband Dwight and cute family.  Eva and Mylee instantly converted the upstairs hallway to American Girl Land and would have played all through the night if we had let them.  
Brooks and Ethan did whatever it is little boys do, and Becks found his girls - Annika and Mia and had a delightful time in the playroom, wearing heels, a purse, and having a tea party together.  I wish I had pictures of THAT!
Staying with my sister also meant that I got to stay with my other little sister Annie who lives  with them right now.  It was awesome to see her and to be able to spend some time together and the kids loved being with her, too. 
Mel and I did a little jean shopping - always fun and at a great place with deals on the good stuff.  Great clothes, great deals, but I have to say that it was my first experience in an 'open dressing room'.  Not that I'm a prude, but thankfully they had individual fitting rooms per request!  Just picture a big open room with mirrors on all four walls, and women of every shape and size, in every state of undress,  changing, tugging, adjusting, ....

I really enjoyed just hanging out at the house with family - eating meals together, talking at the firepit, swimming a little - we loved just being in the sun and having good weather!  After Newport Beach, we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant that Mel and Dwight introduced us to.  Delish.  But even more Delish, was the PINKBERRY yogurt we had later.  Oh my - why don't they have this here in Utah???  I am still craving it - it is organic and a little 'sour' in a yummy yogurt kind of way.  Top it with enormous blueberries and raspberries and you've got yourself something to come back for. Again and Again and Again.  We spent the rest of the night at the 
outdoor shopping place and shopped and messed around taking pictures at the fountains.  Fun night!!
We had such a great time and what made this trip so wonderful was being able to spend
 time with family - My sister and her family, my little sister Annie and my sis-in law Auntie and Kunal in Vegas.  Thanks for having us - -  Lots of Loves!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Newport Beach with Cousins

This was a very cool day.  I have fond memories of this day, because we had such a fun, tranquil afternoon with lots of time to do not much except 'be together'.  The cousins were able to play to their hearts content.  We were lucky enough to be able to see a large group of dolphins traveling along the shore and jumping out of the water.  We also saw a sea lion and the kids were able to go under the pier where the water had dropped down and found HUGE starfish. Probably the size of a large pizza - I didn't know they came that big!  They were able to pick them up and hold them, you could even see where the starfish had latched onto clams and were having a 'meal'.   
On the way out to the beach, we stopped at a shop that had clearanced out their sandals, shorts, and these cool little skimmer boards.  We had seen some kids do this before and they were pretty good at it.  You run and jump onto the board just along the beach where the waves crash.  It was *freezing* water - but that didn't deter any of the kids from swimming.  It actually felt kind of good once your feet were numb.  Very refreshing :)

Becks, Ethan, and Brooks all were begging us for the strangest thing at the store - these bright yellow shovels.  "We are not buying shovels, guys" I said as I then walked out of the store with 2 of them.  It ended up being a great find - they dug in the dirt for hours and had a grand old time together.

My Beautiful sister and I.  Love her!  And don't you love her hat?  She talked me into buying a couple of them - Kerry has a thing for hats, so I obliged.  Man, I look awesome in them! She is my personal shopper.
Eva and Mylee finding shells and ......a ladybug?  I didn't think ladybugs hung out on the beach much.

Brooks and Ethan strategizing their next adventure.

Eva and Mylee.  Cousins.  Friends.  They miss each other terribly and loved being able to be together.

Ethan and Kerry   - Crazy Dad. Crazy Son.
Dooders and his many acrobatic talents.

I was really surprised that Becks got in the water with Kerry.  I thought he would scream because it was so cold, but instead he played and splashed and was happy just watching his feet and the cool footprints they would leave in the sand.

The highlight for all of them, really.  Becks and the twins, Brooks, and Ethan all got really good use of their shovels.  I think they were planning on burying a body or something here, not sure.
Mylee, Mia and Annika, Becks, Kerry, Eva and 2 unknown total tourists with their appropriate gear on in the background.
The Love of my Life.