Friday, February 22, 2008

Ski Day!

Skiing with Daddy?!!
What a great weekend we had! We put the kids in ski lessons back in December, but Kerry hasn't ever seen them ski. So he came up to the ski resort with us to watch the kiddos' improved skills. We loved having him up there with us - and it was fun to have little Becks there, too! They were really good sports - hung out in the not so luxe lodge and walked out to watch us all ski. I'm so glad Kerry was able to come, because it was great for him to see how the kids were doing and they liked to show off for their dad.
Wolf Mountain - It is the place for kids. Inexpensive, small , easy to keep track of everybody.
Ethan loves this place soley for 1 thing: The Magic Carpet. He likes to ride it up, more than he likes to ski down. He could do this over and over and over and over.. and he did.
Eva is doing fantastic!! She is a speed demon and has really been pretty independant. Last month we came with friends and I didn't see her half the time because she just wanted to go up the lift with her friends while I stayed and skied with Ethan. I can see us being great ski buddies in a few years - she is catching on quick and I think she has a crazy side to her!
Beckham had fun with mom. Kerry walked out with him to watch and I took him down the little practice area with me a few times, and up the magic carpet. He was cold - but he kept wanting to go again. He really wanted to ride up the lift with us.....Maybe next year.
If you gotta have winter, might as well Enjoy it! We're so happy to have our friends jumping on board these last few years.....Many fun times ahead!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beck's strikes again and Dooders has a new fro

Here's the breakdown: I'm trying to shower but it is tricky becase I have a 2 year old opening and closing the shower door. I finally think of something to get him to leave so I can finish my shower w/out freezing, so I try it. I say, "Becks, let's go brush your teeth" -knowing full well that this makes him run far away from me as quickly as he can. It worked! Ah, peace. I'll finish my shower and then go find him. Becks finds me first smelling extra 'minty'. He tells me that he has just brushed his teeth! "Good Job" I start to say as look over and see mintiness on my couch, my floor, leading into the bathroom, all over the mirror, the sink, the cupboards, toilet, walls, and the entire bottom half of the back of the bathroom door. Definately not the first time, definately not the last with this kid. Here he is feeling pretty picked on because he had to take a bath after the little 'art' session.He is so dang fun and such a little sweet talker that he is getting away with it!!!

Ethan's 3rd Fro installment: Enjoy!

Kerry has signed Beckham up for baton twirling lessons - I keep telling Kerry that he can't live out his life and his dashed hopes and dreams through his child, but it's going in one ear and out the other.

Wow! He's starting to get it! Kerry couldn't be prouder. Next month: Clogging!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Will you be mine?

My sweet love sent these beautiful flowers to me the night before Valentines. I loved them!! .............and I was completely surprised! (Kerry doesn't usually keep surprises very long....they turn into, "Well I was going to surprise you, but I can't wait....) The flowers are gorgeous- the picture doesn't quite capture it, but they have these funky wild vines with buds on them that are mixed in with the roses. I love wildflowers, so they were perfect. He said that the lady on the phone asked if he wanted to 'add vines for $5' and Kerry said he had no idea what she was talking about, 'just make them look good!' That sounds about right.
That's not all, though. Eva also had some flowers delivered to her 'from the boys'. She is so lucky to have such a good daddy. She was in heaven.
I have to say, even after all the practical reasons for not spending money on flowers, they absolutely get me every time and make me feel so pampered and spoiled. Thank you, Baby. There's just something about a guy giving his girl(s) flowers.......

For Valentines night we did our tradition of chinese and candles. Kerry and I are going out with some friends Friday night for dinner, so we were able to avoid the crowds and stay in with the kids that night. They request this all the time, but we've only done it on Valentines Day. We order chinese food and set up the table with fine china and candles and have a candlelight dinner at home. Kerry started this a few years ago - We were staying in because Becks was just a newborn, and I went and picked up chinese. When I came home, Kerry had gotten the kids to help him set the table and had the lights off and candles lit when I walked through the door. It was so sweet.
This year we had my mom over for dinner since my dad was out of town and the kids were really excited that she could be there to enjoy it with them! It was a lot of fun, but you know if you have a 2 year old and fire, your nice intimate dinner is going to turn into a circus. Becks kept trying to blow out the candles or play in the wax or see how close he could get his finger to the flame. Eva almost caught her sleeve on fire, and Ethan only got sent to his room once for standing on the bench and not eating his dinner......for the 5th time.
One day my Valentines dinner will be peaceful and quiet and I'll be wondering what happened to my crazy circus...

I love them all so much. I want to be a better wife and mom for them -

Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Driving Skills

Today I had Beckham and his little buddy Danny in the car with me running errands. As I made a right hand turn onto the onramp they must have thought it was fun and both yelled out "Wheeeee!!! " Then they started clapping for me and were totally getting a kick out of themselves. Becks then told me, "Good Job, Mom!"
I must have some superior driving skills. Or maybe Becks just loves his mama.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bring it on!

This morning Ethan has fully utilized the "I'm sick" thing to avoid going to school. Does he think I am just the biggest sucker there is? (probably.) He has a field trip going up to the Nature Center in Ogden -they're going snowshoeing and looking for animal tracks, and well, he just doesn't want to do it! For some reason, he doesn't want to wear snowclothes and go on a bus. Who knows why, because it sounds fun to me! So he came up with an ala carte selection of excuses as we are getting him ready: "Mom, my stomach hurts. Do you know why it hurts? Because I have to get up so early." Next, "Mom, my back is really REALLY hurting. I think it's hurting because I have to go on a field trip. " After all the snow clothes are on he says, "See, this is why I don't want to go, because I have to wear so many snow clothes." He finally came out with it as a last ditch effort and said, " I don't want to go to "Oregon" (Ogden) because I don't want to be outside for 2 hours." Oh! Gasp! The Horror! I bet if that kid was standing outside necked for 2 hours in a snowstorm with his handheld video game, he'd do it twice! We try and put limits on the 'electronic entertainment/nightmares for parents' - keep him active and constructive, but The whole video game thing.... it's such a pull for him.... aarrgh!!..........Let the battles begin! He will not win this one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So tomorrow I am being completely irresponsible (thanks to my friend Jewelia who is helping me out) and am going skiing with a friend of mine - all day....on a school day..... leaving my 'creative' 2 year old in the care of another..... ditching out on my carpool responsibilities....leaving my house in its chaotic state.......I can't wait!!!

I went skiing Saturday with my little sister Britter and the snow was Unbelievable~! We had so much fun... It was some of The Best skiing we've ever had.......6 feet of snow in the last 4 or 5 days - Ski Utah baby! It doesn't get much better than that... I have to have more.

Just in case you get that mysterious 24 hour bug, (although it's a little hard for stay at home moms to call in sick) go to - great site for ski conditions.

If I was really responsible I would stay home and work on my 'little project'.

The last couple of weeks we have been a little out of sorts and living with some remodeling.

My house is currently in a state of unrest and dishelvelment. We decided to get new carpet in the bedrooms, but you know what that means = You can't buy the dress without buying the shoes! So, off with the doors, off with the old brass hardware, paint all the trim, paint all the doors, paint the walls, replace the lights, live with all of your bedroom furniture in the kitchen! The whole process was going well, and then I sort of hit a wall. Just a little more painting to go, but alas, it's been sitting there in its unfinished state for a week or so.....I'm so tired of painting! But tonight I made some progress and I'll finish up this week - My hubby has been so paitient. We are living with our bathroom being the command center for all of the paint and supplies and half the toys are put away, half are out with no place to go, doors are off of their hinges in the hallway waiting to be put back up.....It is beautiful! Come on over and just enjoy this with us! The good part about all of this is that it will feel so fresh and updated.....It will definately be worth it if I can just get it finished!

My kids, on the other hand are loving it! Krispy Kremes for weekend breakfast, making forts out of the mattresses stacked against the kitchen table, playing hide and seek in the maze of furniture piled in the front room. Kids love that stuff!! These are what memories are made of!

What the?

2nd installment for Dooders Hair portfolio.....He wakes up with these do's that defy gravity on a daily basis.......I'll add em' as I get em'