Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting the mail in December...

I love to get Christmas cards from family and friends.  I'm sure I'm like most people during this time of year -anxiously waiting to see what new greetings were delivered that day.  I love getting them from friends and family that I don't get to see that often, to see their kiddos, and feel the love.

So it is probably only fair that I reciprocate and finally get ours sent out after sitting here for 2 weeks.  Officially, our Christmas card is in the mail.  This year is really interesting.  After searching the database for a usable family picture, I came up completely empty handed.  Usually they only included 4 out of the 5 of us or one of the kids was gazing off, but the majority of all of our pics this year have this annoying yellowish tint or they are blurry.

I really tried to find a decent one, but finally decided to just use individual pictures of all of us.  The only card options (because I'm cheap) for a 4 picture card were very, very slim.  There was one choice.  So...the card is out, photography and aesthetics are less than desirable, but ultimately I still like the card because we are all happy in each picture and I think that's important.

The complete upside to all of this is that we got a killer new camera. I guess I complained enough that "our camera sucks!" as I was looking through all of the pictures for the year.   We'll keep our little digital point and shoot, but it's probably not going to get much face time anymore.   Hopefully we'll have better luck this year with all the photogs and have a bounty to choose from next year.  I'm excited to learn how to use our new toy- we have a nice dsl camera already, but the problem is that it uses that stuff our kids will only see in museums in a few  It's funny how used to technology you become and what once was the norm now seems simply archaic to use.  Not having unlimited shots (either 24 or pick) or being able to view immediately what you just took,  needing to have film on hand, dealing with negatives if you want to reorder.  It's sort of funny to think how much it has changed and how our kids will never know the excitement of wondering (and waiting) to see what is on that forgotten roll of film that you are finally taking in to get developed.  I'm excited to experiment this year, take a few classes, and become the awesome self-appointed Westenskow family photographer that I always knew was somewhere deep down inside of me, just bursting to break free!