Sunday, November 2, 2008

That's Amore!

This is what's left of our Italian dinner party - not much!
Last night we had some good friends over for a couple's dinner party -it was a fantastic meal and a fantastic night.  The only requirement for this gathering was that the men were required to wear mustaches or would be asked to dance for us upon request.  We did have some NICE staches going on.  Very good look for many of them....Really.  Although it would have been fun to see our men do a few jigs :)
Kerry and I made black spaghetti and gnocchi with all the trimmings -fresh mozzarella, pimentos, pesto, and  italian cream sodas.  Our friends pulled it all together and made it divine by bringing artisan bread for dipping, homemade alfredo sauce, a green salad, delish meatballs, and a fabulous dessert parfait that was almost too pretty to eat. But that did not stop us. 
Good food, conversation, and friends.  It was a very lovely night.


The Stones said...

What a great idea! I hope you remember the details so I can copy ya!

Kierstin said...

Where's the booze? I guess with Kerry around, nothing like that gets left over

Candy said...

I wanna copy too-- what is Black Spaghetti? Am I out of it?

Love the cute Legoland Pics.
Sorry for the "boo" - your son must have seen you dancing or singing to Blonde or something while sleepin'. Of COURSE KIDDING! You know that!

PS. I'll get info on that advent calendar for ya!

Aj and Kami said...

That sounds like a ton of fun. You should have made the guys dance anyway and really have a good time!