Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Day 2 of our California Trip was spent at Disneyland.  I was so excited to take the kids this year because of their ages - I couldn't wait to see their faces.  Halloween was really a fun time to be there - all of the decor is up all through Main Street and each 'Land" has their own decorations as well. Very festive.  Our first stop was the Matterhorn - I'm old school and love that ride! It reminds me of my dad when we went as little kids and he would get us so hyped up for the big monster at the top.   I thought it was so scary back then - funny! The other big ride my dad would get us all excited for was Space Mountain - I found out this trip that Kerry had NEVER  been on Space Mountain!  What?@! I couldn't believe it! My dad would have died if he knew Kerry had missed that one.  Kerry took Eva and Ethan while Becks and I went on the rocket ride, and he agreed - very cool ride. Classic.

Pluto got a warm reception from Becks who walked right up to him and started hugging his legs.  Ethan is a 3rd timer here and made us aware that he would get us around where we needed to be - he always had a map.
We had been with the kids a few years ago, and Ethan was lucky enough to go with his Grandma and Grandpa Idaho and cousin Colton a year or so ago (lucky kid!) , so this was all old hat to him :)  Eva had a grItaliceat time  - she is at the age where she can go on everything.  She has pretty much outgrown the princess stage, which makes me sad!  Things change so quick! A few years before, we waited in line to see Snow White and Eva was so shy (and so in awe at the same time) that she could barely look at her when it was her turn to meet the princess.

One of my favorites was the Haunted Mansion  - they do it all up for Halloween in the theme of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas.  Very quirky  -loved it!

Other favorites were Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Carribbean and Thundermountain Railroad.  Eva and Ethan went with Kerry on the railroad coaster, and then we'd switch and I'd take the kids again with me.  While Becks and I waited,  we got his face painted  - for FREE.  Yes, Free.  I didn't think there was such a thing at Disneyland, but I'm here to say it is true.  When the kids were done they got their faces done and we were one big festive face painted family.
We had our chocolate covered frozen bananas and burgers and packed as much in as we could in one day, which ended up being just the right amount of time for us.  

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Kierstin said...

Love the family stripe shirt day! very cute. C'mon Makell, you and Kerry have got to stop matching each other!