Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Vacation Wrap up!

Here it is - the final pics of our trip.  I need to wrap this up so I can post Halloween before Christmas gets here!  That's just sort of how I operate.....
We rolled into California and found ourselves in the loveliest of lovely neighborhoods and home of my sister Melanie and her husband Dwight and cute family.  Eva and Mylee instantly converted the upstairs hallway to American Girl Land and would have played all through the night if we had let them.  
Brooks and Ethan did whatever it is little boys do, and Becks found his girls - Annika and Mia and had a delightful time in the playroom, wearing heels, a purse, and having a tea party together.  I wish I had pictures of THAT!
Staying with my sister also meant that I got to stay with my other little sister Annie who lives  with them right now.  It was awesome to see her and to be able to spend some time together and the kids loved being with her, too. 
Mel and I did a little jean shopping - always fun and at a great place with deals on the good stuff.  Great clothes, great deals, but I have to say that it was my first experience in an 'open dressing room'.  Not that I'm a prude, but thankfully they had individual fitting rooms per request!  Just picture a big open room with mirrors on all four walls, and women of every shape and size, in every state of undress,  changing, tugging, adjusting, ....

I really enjoyed just hanging out at the house with family - eating meals together, talking at the firepit, swimming a little - we loved just being in the sun and having good weather!  After Newport Beach, we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant that Mel and Dwight introduced us to.  Delish.  But even more Delish, was the PINKBERRY yogurt we had later.  Oh my - why don't they have this here in Utah???  I am still craving it - it is organic and a little 'sour' in a yummy yogurt kind of way.  Top it with enormous blueberries and raspberries and you've got yourself something to come back for. Again and Again and Again.  We spent the rest of the night at the 
outdoor shopping place and shopped and messed around taking pictures at the fountains.  Fun night!!
We had such a great time and what made this trip so wonderful was being able to spend
 time with family - My sister and her family, my little sister Annie and my sis-in law Auntie and Kunal in Vegas.  Thanks for having us - -  Lots of Loves!


Brooke and Jonny said...

So Ms Makell, They do have a place like pinkberry here in Utah...remember that sticker on my car? The one that says spoon me? It's just like pinkberry! We should go one time =) Btw that video of Becks hilarious! Also regarding our little Utah/BYU party, I believe it's the same weekend we're watchin your kids so we will definitely have to plan somethin!


We miss you already!!!