Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eva's Hannah Montana Party...She's Here!!!!!

Eva's 9th birthday was supposed to be at the Lion House - but the dates weren't working out, so we went another route.  Hannah Montana (aka Deanna from Salt Lake City) arrived with her gold guitar and bodyguard (her dad) to our house for 1 hour of singing, dancing, autographs, pictures, the whole bit.   She did a great job - only 14 years old and was awesome with the girls!
I didn't find out until after the party that some of the girls really thought that it was actually Mylee Cyrus dressed as Hannah.  I just thought they knew it was going to be for fun, but I had a couple of funny stories from the moms from when the girls came home and told them that THE Hannah Montana was there.  When she showed up at the door, my neighbor who was outside - at the other end of the street- 
 told me that she could hear them 'shrieking' from inside my house.  This was hilarious as a parent to watch - I think they were pretty excited.

Ethan and his buddy were in awe of her- and the crazy girls.  They just sat back and watched, made a fort with the pillows to hide behind and spy on them, and put foam stickers across their foreheads.

Becks kept telling me that Hannah Montana was coming over to babysit him.  He got really shy when he actually got to get his picture with her. He must have been twitterpated.

Signing autographs!  The girls decorated notebooks at the party before she came so they would have something for her to sign.  She signed it as the one and only Hannah.

Teaching the girls the Hannah moves - right there in our own living room.


Kierstin said...

such a cute party. Mikaela had a blast

Brooke and Jonny said...

What a creative mom you are! =) Ps that hat looks really cute on you!

Josh and Emily said...

What an amazingly cute party!

The Stones said...

Great idea Miss Makell, it looks so fun! And you are one hot mama!