Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween - Yes, I'm aware that it is the middle of November

 Halloween took us once again to Hogwartz - a favorite of the kids when visiting their grandma and grandpa on halloween night....
My parents' neighbors put on a very impressive show  - completely transforming their backyard into a Harry Potter wonderland filled with dead-on characters (played by their talented acting family), backgrounds and sets, butter beer ( a mix of butterscotch and whole milk warmed up and delicious) and doughnuts, treats and toys for the kiddos, and of course, the sorting hat.
I think Ethan got put into Hufflepuff......i was sure it was going to be slitherin :)
eva was dressed as Hannah montana  - of course.  Where did she get her fabulous sparkly top, you ask?  She and her mother found a purse at di which was then made into a shirt by cutting out the bottom and slipping it over her head.  The delightful harry potter witch lady (I have no idea which character she was) told us in her perfect english accent that it was "quite clever and economical."   Exactly.

beckham was not sure what a talking hat was doing on his head - he was just happy to be there and grandpa was having just as much fun!
Eva and her friend Donnell ready to go - this was the only picture I got of her because she had some serious trick or treating to do...

a special stop to the cook's home is always a pleasure  - she has not only the best outdoor decor, but an entire dead room inside her house for special guests...

Here is our Halloween 2008 in  a nutshell:  Eva = Hannah Montana
Ethan = Star Wars Clone Trooper (that is NOT the same as a Storm Trooper)
Becks= Thomas the Tank Engine
Mom = kids-at-school-chocolate-candy-stealer-out-of-kids-stash on a daily basis
Dad=  lobbyist to mom to get me to buy 10 x as much candy as we really needed so there would be plenty of leftovers..

"this is aaaallll mine.  Alllll mine.   wahh ahhh ahha hhhh" said becks

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Brooke and Jonny said...

OH my word I love it!!! What cute kids you have! Good thing they are all mine this Friday night! I'm so sad we missed seeing them in their cute costumes, they definitely show their personalities that's for sure!