Thursday, November 6, 2008

Newport Beach with Cousins

This was a very cool day.  I have fond memories of this day, because we had such a fun, tranquil afternoon with lots of time to do not much except 'be together'.  The cousins were able to play to their hearts content.  We were lucky enough to be able to see a large group of dolphins traveling along the shore and jumping out of the water.  We also saw a sea lion and the kids were able to go under the pier where the water had dropped down and found HUGE starfish. Probably the size of a large pizza - I didn't know they came that big!  They were able to pick them up and hold them, you could even see where the starfish had latched onto clams and were having a 'meal'.   
On the way out to the beach, we stopped at a shop that had clearanced out their sandals, shorts, and these cool little skimmer boards.  We had seen some kids do this before and they were pretty good at it.  You run and jump onto the board just along the beach where the waves crash.  It was *freezing* water - but that didn't deter any of the kids from swimming.  It actually felt kind of good once your feet were numb.  Very refreshing :)

Becks, Ethan, and Brooks all were begging us for the strangest thing at the store - these bright yellow shovels.  "We are not buying shovels, guys" I said as I then walked out of the store with 2 of them.  It ended up being a great find - they dug in the dirt for hours and had a grand old time together.

My Beautiful sister and I.  Love her!  And don't you love her hat?  She talked me into buying a couple of them - Kerry has a thing for hats, so I obliged.  Man, I look awesome in them! She is my personal shopper.
Eva and Mylee finding shells and ......a ladybug?  I didn't think ladybugs hung out on the beach much.

Brooks and Ethan strategizing their next adventure.

Eva and Mylee.  Cousins.  Friends.  They miss each other terribly and loved being able to be together.

Ethan and Kerry   - Crazy Dad. Crazy Son.
Dooders and his many acrobatic talents.

I was really surprised that Becks got in the water with Kerry.  I thought he would scream because it was so cold, but instead he played and splashed and was happy just watching his feet and the cool footprints they would leave in the sand.

The highlight for all of them, really.  Becks and the twins, Brooks, and Ethan all got really good use of their shovels.  I think they were planning on burying a body or something here, not sure.
Mylee, Mia and Annika, Becks, Kerry, Eva and 2 unknown total tourists with their appropriate gear on in the background.
The Love of my Life.


The Stones said...

Cute pics! What a trip y'all had! Thanks for the chat yesterday, it helps to get my frustrations off my chest! :)

-KJ said...

Hey Makell,

It's Kjersten, Mel's friend. I have some stuff you left in Cali, and I need to get it back to you. I don't know if Mel called you, but if you want to email me your address I will drop it off!