Friday, October 31, 2008


Legoland was like our own little Wallyworld.  I have to admit I felt a lot like the Griswald family trekking across the country to visit a child's mecca.  Very cool place, though, with lots of fun rides and play areas.  The life-size lego replicas of Darth Vader, presidents of the US, Thomas the Train, Indiana Jones, and even a full size Volvo SUV were really small little wonders within themselves.  I wonder what type of a person works as a life-size lego creator?

The US Capital and the entire DC area were built with bajillions of legos.  The lego world area was pretty amazing - they had NY, Las Vegas, DC,  and  many others.  All with unbelievable details.  I think this would be Dooder's dream job.
We had a great day here - but I couldn't figure out why Ethan kept wanting to go home early.  I finally figured it out when I remembered that I had promised him we would get a small Lego set in the gift shop "when we were leaving" so we didn't have to carry it around with us.  So in his mind, the sooner we left, the sooner he would have that delicious new set in his little hands.
  When we got back from the trip, he drew a picture at school of his favorite part of Legoland- it was a picture of him in the gift shop buying his new lego set.  Not the rides or rollercoasters, not the giant playground, not even the enormouse lego cities built entirely from legos.  Just the gift shop and his Star Wars Droid lego set.   I swear, I don't know what to do with this kid! Eva and Becks had a lot of fun on the rides and in all the different "lands",  and Eva loved the little Volvo driving school.  It was definitely a cool place to visit~

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