Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little of lately....

Although my recent posts might suggest otherwise, we ARE actually enjoying the bounties of the fall season!

Black Island Farms with the Kids
Hay slides
Grain Shoots
Ginormous tire obstacle course
All aboard the 'moo' train.

time with mom
time with dad
corn mazes
and paint ball shots.
And this little Jedi ended up walking out of the place with his own complimentary lightsaber. After begging us and begging us to buy him a 'blue lifesaver', we told him no, but that we would ask the lady how much they were and then he could save up his money and come back and get one.
Beckham walked up to the nice lady working the lightsaber booth and said quietly and sheepishly with puppy dog eyes to her, "Can I just have one?" Guess who walked out of there with a new lightsaber? She said she just wanted to give him one because he was so 'stinkin cute'. Sly little devil. When we got to the car he said to me, "See, I told you so!"
May the force be with you, Becks.

Internet craft find:
On Monday it was my turn to host playgroup for four 2-3 year olds and this little craft was a hit. Put the glove on and move the fingers to see their spider come alive! ok - so don't try this with the kids themselves - hot glue guns and 3 year olds don't mix. But they can at least pick out the pom pom colors.

Want a warm, yummy, pumpkinny treat to start your day? We made these this morning before the kids headed off to school. Delish.

**We also added a few dark chocolate chips to them.....ya know, for the antioxidants of course.
The recipe comes from a cooking blog I came across - "Pinch My Salt". It also has other pumpkin recipes that look quite good and that are on my futures list.

And finally, here is the short list of things we HAVEN'T done yet this fall:
raked up the leaves, prune the trees and bushes, cut back all the perennials, finished all of the unfinished projects that are the rooms of my house, picked the grapes, organize this and organize that, and countless other tasks that I'm sure I should get done but won't realize it until the snow hits and it's too late. Oh well.


Tanya said...

Ok, I've gotta try that pumpkin pancakes recipe! Thanks for posting that. I love anything and everything pumpkin. I have been meaning to call you....yes, I did get you email. What the heck were you doing in Aruba?? I am so jealous!! Much better than St. George. But for sure, next time you need to come. There will be many more trips I am sure.

Kierstin said...

Oh my heck those spider gloves are so stinkin' cute! Where did you get the info to make them? My kids would love that craft. Fun! I also printed that recipe and am going to try it tomorrow, hopefully my kiddies will like them :) Thanks for revving up my creative/domestic juices! I hope you guys are doing well and I am way bummed that you can't come on Saturday. Really. I hope Eva has a fantastic birthday party and that you guys have a great weekend. See ya soon!