Friday, October 9, 2009

NY - Day 3

Our last day before we had to catch our plane was just not long enough! We started the day with a tasty brunch at a corner cafe in Greenwich Village. It was a Sunday and the whole place just seemed so leisurely. We walked through the fantastic neighborhoods of Greenwich and Soho. My only purchase in this famed shopping and fashion mecca was of a great scarf that a street vendor was selling. All of the other shops were incredible - just window shopping made me happy. All of it almost impossible to justify spending that much money on - but maybe on another trip?
On our way out of the neighborhood we stopped in a bookstore that had all types of used and discounted books where I found a perfect copy of Eric Carle's book, "The Very Clumsy Cick Beetle."
Our last stop is reason enough for me to come back to NY when I have ample time to search this place from top to bottom. Kirst took us over to Century 21 which is a great department store that is a deep discounter of designer clothing and accessories. It is probably a good thing we had to catch a plane soon......

It was so nice to get away and to be with my daughter, too. She is getting to be so grown up and I'm starting to realize how much more she needs me to be with her - present in her life emotionally as well as physically. She is a firecracker - we don't always...ok rarely...see eye to eye. But that is what I love about her. She and I are about as different as Kerry and I and that is going to be a strength if we can just live through the teenage years to tell about it!

I really appreciated Brooke and Jonny and my mom being able to watch the boys and our dog while we were away. Kerry was in Honduras at the same time, so I wasn't sure that I would be able to pull off this quick trip when Kirsten suggested it. But Kerry was more than excited for me to be able to go and I love him for being that way with me. It was fantastic.

I think I need to start planning for next year......

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