Sunday, October 18, 2009

Echo in August

I don't know if my favorite part of this picture is Kerry's pouncing rabbit pose or Ethan's googly eyes sticking out from below...
Uncle Tebbers teaching Ethan how to be cool...Peace out.
Eva Beepbop. It was still a little cold in the mornings in the mountain lakes...even in August.
Brooke and Jonny doing their opening number...
.....and their final pose. Beautiful.
My brother Steve is crazy man on the tube. It is death to the tube, I say, as I drive him in circles and whip him through the waves. He was a tough one to shake!
Brooke's little brother was able to get Eva to ride on the tube. I'm not sure what they were doing spots maybe?
Brooke takes the controls. Look out!

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Brooke and Jonny said...

Dude do you see my awesomely awesome biceps?! Wow I'm tough and yes you should have been terrified for your life when I was driving because I certainly was! Thanks for letting us tag along this summer we loved every second of it!