Friday, October 16, 2009

Pioneer Day and Boating

We spent the 24th of July at the Bountiful fair where we met Jonny and Brooke for navajo tacos and cotton candy! Actually, we got corn on a stick and a yummy smoothie, but Kerry always likes to tell people I am a carnival fanatic and can't wait to eat my navajo taco. He is stretching the truth a little...
We ran into Eva's cousin Mylee who was there with her other grandma. They had been able to see each other up at Bear Lake for a weekend when my sister's family came up from California, but they could have hung out the whole summer and been happy.
Becks kickin' trash up the obstacle course.

Mysterious fishing pond -Best thing ever when you are 3.
Later that afternoon we headed up to Echo and went boating. Ethan was the first to try out the new kid skis. It was a great way to spend the holiday weekend!
Becks and Uncle Jonny
Usually this picture is of Beckham - asleep on the boat. But today it was Ethan. Wiped out.

Just a couple of whiteys!

Brooke and her little brother who was a blast to have along. Just as dorky as Brooke! And I mean that in the very best cool dork kinda way.

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