Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brrrrr Lake...

This is the respectable crowd that we get to spend a weekend with up at Bear Lake every August. We stay at the Green's cabin - well,we sleep in tents on the grass in the yard and the Green's stay in the little cabin. It is a cozy little thing - and we look forward to going up as friends and neighbors every summer.We started taking pictures of the whole group on the last day of each year - to be able to see the age progressions. This year was strange. We went from having all of these toddlers to mostly young kids that are starting to look more and more like teenagers!

Warming up by the fire early in the morning. That is where everything goes down...Late night converstaions and roastings (both of marshmallows and of each other) and everything in between. This year, the kids had all gone into the cabin while the adults stayed out as usual and talked. When I went in to check on them, they were all lip syncing Taylor Swift and had come up with some major show/routine. Very impressive.

Beckham on the big tractor with Brandon. The kid was in heaven.
Catching and totally tormenting these poor frogs was high on the kids agenda.
Ethan made his frog a home out of plastic cups and wanted to take him home. We told him that if he left the frog in that 'greenhouse' in the sun, he would cook to death. He was not very happy to have to release him.
Ethan and his friends made a reservoir / trap to keep their frogs in.
It was a bad day to be a frog.
Notice all these cute kids in the water. They were C.R.A.Z.Y. This trip to Bear Lake was in August and was on record as THE. COLDEST. EVER. SERIOUSLY. IT'S IN THE BOOKS - LOOK IT UP!
We left our boat home because we thought it was going to be too windy and cold to enjoy it, but Jewelia and Dan had their boat. Even though the water was freezing, the kids still played in it and got pulled around on the tube as much as they could.
Becks goes for the older women.
The only way we were getting to the boat was if one of our husbands carried us out there. Brandon is carrying his itty bitty wife Tricia and straining under the pressure. Whatever.

Adam - that is just gross!! See the little frog eyes poking out of his mouth?

Kissing the frogs - hoping for a prince. Keep hoping, girls~!
Did I mention it was freezing?
Lori had the right idea with the beanie. Who would have thought you would need it in August?
So even though it was zero degrees out, we all got pressured to at least get into the water once the entire weekend. So in an attempt to avoid getting any older and keeping ourselves fun and young, we shed the hats and hoodies and went for a ride on the tube. Moms Rock!!
Here we are yelling to Dan that if he does Anything. Anything. to get us wet or tipped he will pay! The wrath of a women knows no scorn. And there were 4 of us.
This picture was taken just after our one time tubing adventure.
Just as we were getting pulled in, Kristin's innocent husband Ron - who would never do anything to cause trouble, started yelling at the kids and motioning them to run into the water to "get them". Meaning, go splash your moms. As soon as the kids ran into the water he started yelling in an ever so soft voice, "Come back. come back." He told us he was trying to stop them, but...
We figured we all could take him, and since Ron had yet to get in the water, we had one goal and that was to dunk him in the lake. It was ugly. Ron was fighting like I've never seen anyone fight. Somebody has a picture - I need to get it. He ended up going in the lake in his sweatshirt....Sucker!! Brandon had to help us a little....

Looking forward to next year - rain or shine.


Brooke said...

Good heavens you blogging fool! You guys were awfully busy this summer! Your trip(s) look so fun, and I can't believe how big Eva looks. Your new header pic is dahling.

Brooke and Jonny said...

I would say you are a little bit behind goodness!!! ha ha but I am loving the updates so keep them coming!!!!