Thursday, October 15, 2009

Summer Going On's

So as fall approaches, ok so as fall is already upon us, I thought it would be smart to finish this post that includes a few of the things we did this summer. No time like the present!

Tasty's Doughnuts
The kids loved this - and so did all the doughnut loving moms! We arranged for a fieldtrip/tour of the great local doughnut shop and they got to go right back where they prepare all of the doughnuts and get their hands in on a piece of the action. The doughnut master was so cool - the kids loved him!
(Side note: Just so you know, none of these doughnuts were served to the public....!)
Becks playing with his doughball. Mushing it through his fingers...mmmm.

Each of them got a free doughnut at the end and then we bought sandwiches and headed over to Andy Adams park for the rest of the afternoon.

Eccles Dinosaur Park
Becks looks pretty tough here riding wild dinos, but when we went inside the exhibit and he saw the robotic dinosaurs, he was petrified. We've been here so many times and he's never been like that. I think he must now have a greater appreciation for the fact that they are little boy eating carnivors.

Ethan and Jackson made friends with the wooly mammoth.

Eva inside the Dinosaur park....notice the caption. So true.....
Boys being Jedi Knights
A couple of our neighborhood girls did a really fun summer camp each week for the kids where they did all sorts of projects - Olympics, arts and crafts, Star Wars, water games, etc.
Danny, Ethan and Beckham came home with their new lightsabers from camp, along with their Anikan Skywalker tunics.
This is a picture of Becks being spoiled - again. He is holding a train that his Aunties boyfriend Kunal sent to him from Japan. He picked it up while he was on business over there and Becks was super impressed.
Trip to Gateway via Trax
Inside the Gateway Planetarium Imax theater. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.
We usually take Trax down to the Gateway and spend the afternoon. We get lunch at the food court, spend time in the planetarium and catch a 3D movie, and hang out at the fountains. I can tell all of our kids are getting a little older, because this year all of the girls around Eva's age just wanted to spend time **shopping!!**
The Strikers Cup Aug 2009
Eva spent a lot of time this year with her soccer team and preparing for a summer tournament. They ended up playing in the final game for their division and took 2nd. Eva is improving so much this year - Kerry and I enjoy watching her and are so proud of her. I used to hear parents talk about having to go to soccer games on Saturdays and I remember thinking it sounded more fun to weed the garden. Then you have your own. It's so exciting when it's your own kids...!

And finally here is Beck's cruisin' with his friends - Dani the Girl (as he calls her) and Gavin.

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