Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dangerous Activity

Conversation with Ethan last week walking out of the U of U stadium after a REAL soccer game:

Ethan: Skydiving is really dangerous, hu mom.

Mom: Well, it can be - you just have to make sure you have all the right equipment and go with people that are professionals. But it can be dangerous if your chute doesn't open or if you went without one!

Ethan: Yeah, (talking super fast) and like it could be dangerous if you had a bad guy dressed up like a good guy and he jumped out of the airplane with you and had a knife and cut your parachute or lit it on fire. That's why it could be dangerous.

Mom: Yep. You're Right! Skydiving IS dangerous if THAT happened!


Tanya said...

Oh yeah, just tell him he never wants to sky dive. How is your shoulder? I hope you are feeling better and mobile now.

The Stones said...

That's so common, to have bad guys chasing you out of planes so that's very insightful of Dooders. Kerry does have nice gams, by the way, maybe him and Jarum should have a best legs contest....See ya tonight at the reception!

Kierstin said...

I love it, Brooke! GAMS?? Haven't heard that out of anyone under 70 years old. My mom and I were talking about a stroller that I wanted and she said, 'does it have enough room for all of your parcels?' PARCELS?? What?

Candy said...

Well that's a good one. When kids come up with things like this, it makes me a little affraid of what they AREN'T bringing up to us.
I'm trying to remember what thoughts and reasoning I had as a little kid? hmmm.