Sunday, September 7, 2008


Ethan is lookin' for ways to make a buck or two for some future lego sets, and he knows that those pearly whites of his are each good for something. He came into my room today and asked me to tie this small wooden baseball bat with thread and then tie the other end of it to his tooth so that he could then stand at the top of the stairs and throw the bat down, which of course would pull out his first loose tooth which would in turn deliver cash to his pillow the following night! I said to him that it might' hurt AND I didn't want the bat to bang up the walls. He thought that he'd just go outside then and that it wouldn't hurt because he is tough. Ok kid.
Well I tried to tie it to his tooth, but it was a bit tricky. I told him to go find his dad and see if he could do it - hoping he would forget about it. So off he went and finally Kerry tied it on (after I heard him asking, "did your mom say this was ok?" ) and I heard them heading outside for the big moment. I just had to see this. I was trying not to laugh because he was just totally set on this idea and he had such resolve. We all walked outside and watched this 6 year old launch this baseball bat into the air -no hesitation at all. The thread slipped right off the tooth so as we were tying it on agian Kerry just sort of yanked it out, and that was that!
Ethan couldn't have been happier or more proud. His sister Eva on the other hand has about 4 or 5 loose, hanging -by- a- thread teeth that have been that way for 2 months and she refuses to let us touch them. She breaks out into loud audible sobs if we even mention "getting a thread". I'm not quite sure what it's gonna take for her - she is fiesty and isn't easily swayed. I'm sure some form of bribery will be required..

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