Sunday, September 14, 2008

I like to call it.....The Perfect Storm

This past Wednesday I went in for surgery to have my right shoulder scoped - lots of bone scraping, calcium-extracting fun and a lot of unexpected pain coming along with it. I have a whole new respect for people who have to endure major shoulder surgery - mine was MINOR, and I tell you, I feel like an invalid half the time . I am at Kerry's mercy to help me change my clothes, put on my bra, wash my hair, lift anything, move anything. Because it's my right arm I have had some awesome hair and makeup days, too! You'd think I was 90 years old. I am fine if it can lay right there in the sling and I can function throughout the day, but if I have to move my arm for any reason it JUST HURTS! -enough that a couple of times I have found myself in tears and have been living on Lortabs nonstop.
I just need some time (and plenty of pain meds) and I'll be back in commission soon. But for now, I get to wear this lovely navy sling around that makes me feel like I should be standing in front of Judge Judy trying to sue someone for an obscene amount of money or that I should be making an appearance in the commercial saying, "Just one call. That's all!"

Now I'd like to add a couple of details into the mix, so here is where it all comes together - the Perfect Storm. (ha ha - that line reminds me of Pam in The Office. I can't wait for the new season!!) Please see exhibits A, B, and C.

Exhibit A: Why do all of these computer keys seem so out of place , meaning, "Where the blankity blank blank is that little 2 year old of mine that just ripped off all of my laptop keys?!!"

Exhibit B:
Where, oh where, (crying at this point) WHERE is the cntrl alt shift button? Letter M....are you out there? J? U? Q? If I could lift my arm up I would be pulling my hair out - - Please somebody throw this computer out the window for me because......

Exhibit C:
because......I have my good computer throwing arm all tied up in this sling and I'm so doped up on Lortabs that I doubt I could throw straight enough to launch this or any other object out the window!

It is a beautiful sight to see me pecking away as I type this with one good arm on a completely jacked up keyboard. This is what freak shows are made of! Sign me up, baby!!

We are in quite the state here at our house - Kerry has totally taken care of me this weekend and let me sleep and rest and has taken care of the kids like the fantastic father that he is. I absolutely adore him and secretly love it when he is having to take care of me just because he does it so well. Thank you for all the love!! It has actually been a great family weekend being able to have a shower for my future sister in law - Brooke - (love that girl!) and that was a great night and also attending a friend's daughter's baptism and my cousin's baby shower on Saturday. One major thing - my Grandma Fawn was in a car accident Friday night as she was heading up to the shower. She was banged up pretty bad and we are so grateful that she was being watched over and protected and that it wasn't any worse than it was. She is in the hospital and being cared for by good doctors and that is a blessing. Suddenly being in a shoulder sling doesn't seem so bad anymore. We are grateful for the safety and watchful eye over us and our families. You take the good with the bad ....and occasionally even the ugly.(the sling)


The Stones said...

Makell, can I take Becks this week? Kallie would love it, and I promise to lock my doors! I'll call ya...

Suz said...

Ouch! You poor thing. Sending gentle hugs (on the left side)to you. Just found out Gunnar unknowingly racked up $260 worth of calling and texting during EFY week since it was in Canada and that means they were International Roaming!! Oh the fun never ends with kids!! :)

Kierstin said...

again.. wow. That's all I can say about that little cutie of yours :) Good luck with that arm, that sucks.

it's a good thing you're cute said...

Oh boy! I guess that would explain your absence from recipe group! I had no idea it was that bad! What can I do to help my lame friend? (That's lame as in hurt, not lame as in dumb). I got your message and will try to call tomorrow. Good luck, my friend! PS: Can you superglue computer keys?


I had no idea! Annie and I are sitting here reading your last 5-6 posts and cracking up! I love your kids and miss them so freakin' much. Sorry about the shoulder (and the computer keys--ouch). Wish I could be there to help you :(
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks--SOOO excited!

Candy said...

You know we've gotta love Becks with the stones comment of promising to lock the doors! *LOL
What a crazy kiddo. Just think of that kids inner dialogue.
Ouchie for you. I hope you are starting to feel a little better through the next few days.
Not so fun.

You, my lady are awesome at the keyboard peck. I could not have managed that post.

Love ya.

PS. You my friend are WAY to SWEET--you know why! I LOVE you for that. Thankyou SO much more than you know.

Tanya said...

Ouch! I didn't even know you were having shoulder issues. I hope you recover quickly. I took two Lortabs this morning for my legs (i'm going to post on it soon) and they made me sick! I have a few computer keys missing myself from my little climber who thinks it's so fun or funny. Argh!