Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Buddy

In the last 24 hours, Becks (among many other things(  has ripped off all of the leaves from one of my houseplants, sprayed Ethan with the hose mercilessly, torn dvds and their inserts from their cover and tossed them to the floor, brought in 25 books and begged me to read them ALL. and flooded my bathroom with the jetted tub jets spraying into the air.

So it's always nice to have days like this:

My neighbor stopped by yesterday to pick something up.  As he was leaving he told me that Nancy, (his wife and our ward nursery leader) said Becks was all out of sorts on Sunday - crying, wanting his mom, etc. ( he was a very tired boy that day)  He said that she's told him before that she was very impressed with how good Beckham is with the other kids- always going over to the kids who are crying, putting a hand on their back and asking them if they want a toy or their mommy or if they are ok.   My neighbor's exact words at the end were, 'Yes.  She said he is a little gentleman."
Oh, Yea!  A good mommy moment!  It's so nice to hear comments from people who have interaction with your kids and that are positive!  I told him that I appreciated him passing that along to me.  It confirmed to me what I have thought all along.  That even though he is by far my most destructive hyper child that can throw out an explitive and a major temper when he needs to, he is also very blessed with the gift of affection and nurturing.  He has pretend pets he takes care of, puts baby dolls in beds and tells me to be quiet and kisses them to sleep.  He has friends that he talks to like an adult would talk to a child - asking in high pitched voices if they want to play or come and see his trains.  He wants to hug all of his friends even those who are pushing him away.  I noticed this when he was an infant - he needed me to be close to him ALWAYS.  He would sleep for an entire night if I held him in the crook of my arm  - and because I was desparate for sleep, it happened a lot.  
As we were having lunch today, I sat down next to my little 2 year old on a barstool.  He told me to, "scoot over, mom - closer - scoot over - closer" until he was finally satisfied when we were sitting on the same barstool.  Delighted, he picked up his sandwich with his left hand, took a big monster bite, and then wrapped his right arm around my shoulders.  He looked at me as asked with a mouth full of  peanut butter, "Mom? Are you my best friend?"  
"Yes, we are best friends" 
 and then, "Are we buddies?" 
 "Yes we are buddies, Becks.  I love you so much!!"  I say almost squeezing his lunch back out of him.
"I love you too, mom."

 Oh, he destroys my house, but he melts my heart.  


Candy said...

Love that! That being you knowing how much you love that little boy, and as a Mother who has to clean up every mess, haul his butt to time out, press him into the carseat when tantruming (I'm speaking from my experience here
:0)...) that you LOVE HIM. You LOVE HIM. You LOVE HIM.
No wonder he has such a tender little heart inside.
What a little cutie! Stinkpot!

The Stones said...

Oh my, he is the sweetest thing! I don't know what you're talking about, being destructive. He's always good at my house...! ;) I do love how he's always taking care of Kallie when they're together, I love the kid!

The Stones said...

PS You are a supermom!

it's a good thing you're cute said...

That is a great story!