Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pies Pies Pies!!!

Today was a big day. I made for the first time my mother's famous fresh peach pies that were legendary at my house growing up. It was unchartered territory for me - not just pie making, but the kitchen in general :) The pies have always seemed like the one thing that I would never be able to get just right, just like the way mom does it. Kind of like the good homemade rolls that take years to perfect - I haven't gone there either. The rolls are next.

3 pies were made - - - - - -and they were delish! Not quite as good as my moms, but still pretty darn good. I was so proud of myself that I passed on the delicousness to two of my neighbors- one who is always bringing us treats and has not seen much in return, and the second to our friends who (among a hundred other things) just recently did the plumbing for our kitchen sink. ( It's kind of like in the movie Wedding singer where the old lady pays Adam Sandler for her music lessons in meatballs?! )

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself after this!

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Candy said...

Wow, you finally did graduate from making toast, and boiling water.
So proud my friend.
Totally kidding! How awesome for you to carry on your mothers great recipe. Now it will move on for generations.
Funny tooth stuff.
Your kids- I can only imagine!