Sunday, November 8, 2009


I just have to clarify something from a previous post. I have since changed my feelings on the whole Miley Cyrus Party in the USA song. It is NOT a party when you are jammin to the CD on the way home from Idaho and get pulled over by the Idaho State Police. I must have been a little too excited to get home to see Kerry after missing him for a week. I was going 75 in a 65, saw the lights, yelled, Oh Crap!, and my kids then asked me if I was going to jail.
When the cop walked up to my window Beckham yells out, "HEY! You're Nice!"
After waiting 10 minutes, he comes back to the car and hands me a roll of Idaho State Police badge stickers and says, "These are for the kids so they'll still think I'm nice after I give you THIS!"
It's been a good run for over a decade of no tickets. But alas, that time came to an end somewhere around mile post 133. I blame it on Miley, but I'm not sure if the judge will agree with me. Maybe he's a big fan and he will totally adios the ticket?! Yeah. Uh huh. I'm sure that's what will happen.
Between this and my loverly stitched up toilet/finger incident, Kerry is calling me a train wreck. But I'm HIS train wreck and that's all that matters.


The Stones said...

Do you think the cop would give me a copy of his dash cam video? I'd love to see you Shakin' Your Hips like Yeah!

Candy said...

Makell- you're not just kerry's train wreck...we claim you too!

just thought you needed another smile. You know I love ya-
any cute lady inside and out like you could never be a train wreck-

just a sleek and sexy locamotive!