Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today I was attacked by a toilet. And the toilet almost won.

Here are all the details:
One daughter helping us change closets over at our new church.
One daughter left to use the bathroom and returned to get help with a broken toilet handle.
One mom who went in to help get the toilet to flush.
An attempt to manually flush the toilet by lifting off the porcelain top and pulling the chain.
Inadvertently pulling off the water hose and unsuccessfully reattaching it...not to my knowledge at the time.
Lifting the chain, hearing it flush, and then realizing the joy of being sprayed with a powerful force of water by the now unattached, posessed hose that looked like a loose firehose.
One frantically freaking out mom getting sprayed all over her face and clothes alone in a church bathroom.
Same mom reacting by grabbing the porcelain lid to cover the spray and realizing that it wasn't stopping.
Same mom lifting the lid, getting sprayed again as she reattaches the hose.
Relieved, puts the lid back on and notices red spots all over the place.
Looks down and sees a large gash in her finger - porcelain lid chipped and guilty as charged.
Travels home and is told by 2 different people that this one was a stitcher.
Mom who was attacked by the toilet is now sporting her new blue finger splint and 3 lovely stitches, and a new tetnus shot.
Mom 0. Toilet 1.

One husband gone to meetings. 2 awesome friends that helped watch my kids.
Both friends fed my kids. One of them even saved some salmon, squash, and bananas with dark chocolate for when I got home.
One awesome doctor/family friend who stayed late and bypassed me through the huge waiting list at the after hours clinics.
One very grateful mom.



Kierstin said...

Well, that's what you get for trying to do an upper-decker! Stop doing them, Makell, it's disgusting.

Makell said...

What the h is an upper decker? I'm sure this is some juvenile term from Reed and the guys. Geez, it's like working with 12 year olds!

Brooke said...

SHUT.UP! Oh, Makell! How sad! :( What a fantastic story, though, ya gotta admit!

KC said...

Oh Crap! That's a good one! Your life is SO exciting!

Jill said...

I'm still laughing! (ps: I know what an upper-decker is....you need to ask Kerry).

Candy said...

And you didn't get any pictures? That's one bathroom I wish had security cameras rolling.
Is that mean of me to want to laugh at this?
But not at your finger...ouchie...sorry for that.