Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Beepbop. 10 years old!!! I love you!

Eva had a great birthday weekend, starting with her party at the Lion House and ending at a REAL Salt Lake soccer game. Kerry was in Honduras, so it was just mom and the kiddos. Eva received cards in the mail from her Grandma Idaho and her Auntie - who STILL included birthday cash even after she already bought her a doll in N.Y. I tell ya...
After Ethan's soccer game Saturday morning, her Grandma Darrohn and Aunt Britter took her out for lunch and shopping. Eva was so excited for this part of the day to be able spend time with them. Eva got to pick out her white puffy vest at Justice from her grandma and wears it every single day.

We had great tickets from Dave at work for the final REAL game, so after the school Halloween carnival we headed down to the stadium. They had a blast watching the players, getting hot dogs and watching REAL make it into the playoffs!

Our little brood on our way home after a jam packed birthday weekend.

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Brooke and Jonny said...

So cute, I can't believe I'm an aunt to a 10 year old!!!!!