Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eva's Party at the Lion House

We celebrated Eva's 10th Birthday with her friends at the Lion House. 10 Years Old~! Honestly, when did that happen? I am seeing my kids getting older faster than I ever imagined. Eva is quite the girl. She is generous and loving, independent and decisive, creative and loves to do things for her family and friends. She takes good care of her brothers and is definitely the first to say she is sorry, which is a fantastic trait. I am so proud of her and love her so much. Happy Birthday Eva Deev!

We had Eva's party the day before her actual birthday. This was something I really wanted to do for her. I went to my cousin KC's party at the Lion House when we were just kids and had always wanted to have a party there . It was fun to see her looking forward to it this year!

Playing the hide the thimble game. Eva called her friends and asked them all to bring their dolls. This was something she planned on her own - it was really cute to see them all.

This is one of my favorite pictures of her cousin Katie. I love the expression on her face after the girls finally found the thimble on top of Eva's crown.

Pulling Glycerin Taffy and later having a ribbon sandwich tea party.

My mom came with us to help and to spend time with her first grandchild. The Lion House lets the birthday girl where a crown and pick out a porcelain doll to take home. She was so excited about this. There is something about having a porcelain doll when your little...

This is Betsy, our party host. She took them on a tour of the Lion House, taught them etiquette at the tea, and told them stories about growing up as a daughter of Brigham Young in that big house.

Eva with Kaitlyn, Elisabeth, and McKall

Eva and Donnell

Eva with Amanda, Natalie, Anna, Aspen, Katie, and Amy.


Jill said...

Oh, Betsy was our hostess, too! Looks like a ton of fun! Love that she had her friends bring all their dolls. Quite the party planner! I remember when you were preggers with her...barely..... when we were in St. George! crazy....

Brooke said...

Fun! Happy birthday Eva Diva, I can't WAIT till you're 12! XO

KC said...

I SO remember my birthday party there. It was SO fun. I think we dressed up in pioneer wear...didn't we? That's why I wanted to have my reception/wedding breakfast there too, all because of that birthday party! I am so glad I had a girl, because when she turns 8, that's where we are having her party! That looks fun, and I'm glad you did that!