Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catching up with Becks

Today Becks told me that he loves me soooo much that he loves me MORE THAN 5!!!

So to all you mom's whose kids only love you more than 4......Sorry! Maybe next time :)

Oh yeah. Yesterday he told me that he hated me because I wouldn't do what he wanted right that instant and he was so mad that he was going to" wear out your battery" in the desk lamp as he pushed the on/off switch a thousand times a minute. I tried not to laugh, because that really was a good effort on his part and quite a creative revenge.

This morning Becks got himself dressed - all buttoned up and everything!

This morning Becks also made a picture for pre-school of a 7-eyed crazy turkey.

And last night he asked me quite sincerely if Jack our dog was a genius? And then he asked me what a genius was.
Really Becks? You think our dog that eats his own POOP is a genius? (I know, it's disgusting and we are doing everything we can to stop this poo eating habit)

And I think I'll end on that lovely note!


Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh my word, I have the cutest Nephew in the word. How did you not die laughing about the lamp battery dying I think I would have! That kid is going to break a bunch a hearts one day little girls had better watch out! I think you should do a post daily about funny things Beck's says. I would love it

Brooke said...

Oh.My.Gosh, he is the funniest little guy! I adore him. Sooo, did he wear out your battery? Because batteries are pricey, Makell!