Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She'll thank me when she's older!

  Eva has been taking piano lessons.  She doesn't like to practice.  She says she is going to quit.  I tell her, "no you are not!".  She loves to wear princess dresses.  She just had her piano recital.   She did a great job and we all love her and are so proud of her.  Eva secretly likes to play the piano.

Eva and her teacher Juliet, who is leaving to be a mission president for Thailand in June.

This is Eva.
This is Eva and her good friend Donell.
This is Eva's grandpa trying to teach her the fundamentals.  He knows nothing.   
This is what Eva thinks of her Grandpa.
This is REALLY what Eva thinks of her grandpa. 
This is our family so proud of Eva.
This is what our family REALLY thinks of Eva.
This is Uncle Stevie and Devyn.  We love them and are so glad they could come.

And that's that.

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