Friday, April 3, 2009

There goes another hour....

This just seems to exemplify one of the devilishly schemed up strategic distractions/interruptions that happen on a daily basis with a toddler.  Not only is there nasty mac and cheese stuck in the dog's hair, but Becks also dumped dirt and mac-n-cheese juice on him as well.  Nasty!!   Poor dog.  

Just after we cleaned him up a little I then went over to the doorway where Becks had dumped out the entire bag of dogfood onto the floor/rug/vent cracks.  Honestly Child!  
It's a good thing God makes them so stinkin' funny and cute or they'd never make it!

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The Stones said...

He is one busy little guy! Thanks so so much for Friday-I'll call ya later for the details! XO