Monday, March 2, 2009

Queen Bee Tea         La Caille  
Sat. 28, 2009  
Eva and I, along with Brook and Kallie girl had the opportunity to attend a benefit 'tea' at La Caille for Mrs. Utah's, Emily Nelson, charity - Project Lemonade.  Emily's husband works with Kerry at YES.  There were all sorts of Queens attending.  Eva and I sat at the table with Miss Utah, Miss Outstanding Teen USA, and Miss Herriman.  We also sat by Necia DeGering from Good Things Utah and her 2 little girls.  
Most of the younger girls were dressed up as princesses.  Eva has outgrown all of her Disney Princess days and dress ups.  But she still loves anything girly and tweeny.  They held a princess dress fashion show and auction.  We were the lucky bidders to win gown #1 - an 18th century little number that Eva is positive she will be able to wear at many different events, including church.  We'll  see......  I know I'm at the end of her dress up days and I am willing to prolong it as much as I can.  She still loves this stuff.
Emily put on a great fundraising event which is a very tricky and difficult thing to pull off.  There is a lot of work that takes place prior and she did a fantastic event!  Brooke said she was really proud of Emily for putting it all together.  I have to agree.  Great job!

I was really looking forward to spending some time with Eva - just the girls.  I think she had fun and was loving all of the Queens and crowns and glam that came with it.  My little girly girl - At least for a few more years!


Brooke and Jonny said...

Super cute that sounds like so much fun and Eva looks adorable!

Kierstin said...

That dress looks so cute on Eva. Mikalea got to model for the pictures in those dresses and they were HUGE on her! She is only a size 5 in dresses so they drown her but she loved wearing them for a couple of hours.

The Stones said...

It fits her perfectly! What a fun day, thanks for letting us come along with ya-maybe next year I can win that red dress for Kallie!

Thanks for letting Becks come play-I get so much more done when Kallie has a buddy over!

Candy said...

How fun is that. So gld you had a good time. You two looked MAHVALOUS DAHLING.