Monday, March 16, 2009

Alert! Alert!

Ethan believes that he is allergic to meatballs.  Apparently his nose started running today at lunch - as he was eating the said meatballs- and he is sure that they are the cause of his 'dehydration', as he put it.
Originally I couldn't understand what he was saying and thought he had said he thinks he is allergic to 'people', which didn't make any sense at all.  But meatballs, well that totally makes sense. 


Auntie said...

That's brilliant. The next time I need to get out of work, I'll simply fake an allergy to meatballs and I'll be home free, especially when you kick in dehydration as an additional side effect.

That kid is too clever for his own good.

The Stones said...

You really ought to write a book of "Ethanisms"-I agree, he is WAY too smart! I laughed out loud with this, what a funny guy!

Kierstin said...

what? nice one duders, nice one. He's pretty clever to think of such inventive things.