Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What can you do with styrofoam and cousins in a week?

So packaging styrofoam turns out to be the cheapest form of child entertainment. Last week we were able to watch Melanie's kids for a few days - Mylee and Brooks. I had to post this picture - all of them set up dollhouse furniture and lego towns around the entire kitchen, using dishtowels as carpet. The best part was the saladbowl Polly Pocket swimmingpool with styrofoam floats for the dolls and even one for their pet turtle. (see the accompanying tupperware hot tub next to the pool) The boys made an alligator swamp out of a cardboard box inset and broken styrofoam. Very clever little devils!

Eva and Ethan miss their cousins so much since they have moved to California, so this was a great week for them to get to hang out. Kerry was gone most of the week with his golf tourny and then girls camp, so it got a little crazy, but only once did I find myself hiding in my room with a tub of cookie dough. Only once :)
On Monday while Melanie was still here, we took the kids to Layton Park to feed the ducks and run around and then went to see Nim's Island with my mom later that night after eating burgers at the house. I'm so glad that Dollar movies exist - especially when you take a 2 year old.

On Tuesday we had our neighborhood activity and we all went up to the Ogden Dinosaur Park and had lunch. Lot's of fun.

Wednesday - My mom found the cutest little book/toy store up by the Rock Loft called 3 Little Monkeys. It is a small bookstore boutiqe (locally owned so I love to support them!) and they have a craft/story time on Wednesdays. My sister Mel and I and my mom and Britter took the kids for storytime and they spent a lot of time after just checking out the books/toys and conniving to buy just one more little thing..pleeeease mom!!! Melanies 2 little twin girls - Mia and Annika , and Beckham (all 2year olds) left the store in complete hysterics - all of us carrying them out in fits of rage because they didn't want to leave. We then took the little angels over to the BunBasket for lunch - delish!
Beckham, Grandma, and Annika or Mia making their crafts. (It's impossible for me to tell which twin it is from the side!)

On Friday we went up to Fernwood campground up by the Layton castle and took pizza to eat in the picnic area. This was really cool - they had a great time......UNTIL we saw a snake on the trail. We took a hike up through the park and I thought Ethan was kidding when he said he saw a snake, but nope. There it was, sliding right through the middle of the trail, about 2-3 feet long. Brooks started crying, Ethan thought it was awesome, and Eva and Mylee and the rest of them all wanted to get the heck out of dodge! They were finished and couldn't get down the trail fast enough. All makes for good stories, though!

Ethan has a knack for being able to find natural weapons. This was his gun formed from a stick.

Here they are on the trail totally bugged that I told them to turn around so I could snap a picture - they had just seen the snake and were not happy - Eva's face says it all.

Becks just being 2.

Here are the kiddos showing me how their faces looked when they saw the snake - pretty good reenactment.

Now they are back in Cali and we hope that we can see them again soon! We sure miss having them here with us!


mckell said...
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mckell said...

i am totally jealous... i love those kids. anywho it looks like you guys had a blast. maybe next time i wont be sending the boy away for 2 months and can come see you guys. well have a great day! see ya!

it's a good thing you're cute said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Cousins are the best!